The Monday Politics Thread Celebrates Constitution Week

Constitution Week is a celebration of the constitution of the United States of America, a quaint little document the country bases its laws on.  It’s sort of important, though you wouldn’t know it from the last three years of it being pissed on.

It was basically pushed into being thanks to the Daughters of the American Revolution (which, fun fact, I found out just recently I might be able to join; very surprising).

The observance for Constitution Week runs annually from September 17 to September 23.  It was officially enacted on August 2, 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower from a congressional resolution petitioned by the Daughters of the American Revolution, but it was George W. Bush who officially declared the inception of Constitution Week in September 2002.

This wekk, USCIS should be holding plenty of naturalization ceremonies, and if you can, I highly suggest going to witness people becoming citizens.  It’s a great feeling, and it’s a personally proud feeling to know I’m one of the thousands who helps it happen.