To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E21: “The Maquis: Part Two”

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This is a continuation from last week’s episode. If you missed that recap, it’s here.

Still on the Maquis asteroid, Sisko says he barely recognized Hudson without the uniform. Hudson says it was getting tight, and shrugs it off, saying it was just a uniform. They reminisce a bit, and then Hudson says he has something better. He says the settlers accomplished a lot without the Federation and if Sisko knew that he’d fight along with them.


I mentioned last time that Hudson has a vest that looks like it was made from my mom’s old couch. He’s wearing it over a boring blue shirt with a rather flat collar.

They leave Bashir and Kira behind (under guard) while Sisko and Hudson head out into the woods. Sisko says Hudson and the Maquis have only endangered the treaty and put lives at risk. Hudson says the treaty is only a piece of paper. Sisko asks if he has evidence the Cardassians have broken the treaty. Not yet, but they will, Hudson answers.

Sisko says that Gul Dukat won’t provide them proof. He says he wants Dukat back. Hudson says he’s not there. Where is he? Hudson is appalled Sisko is siding with a Cardassian over him. Sisko says he’s trying to stop him from making a big mistake as if he destroys the treaty, Starfleet will come after him and put him behind bars. He wants them to work together to stop the violence.

Hudson insists that the Cardassians are smuggling weapons to their colonies and as long as that’s happening, the violence won’t end. He says no one wants peace more than the Maquis. But he’s willing to blow up ships to get peace? Sisko asks. He says the Bok’Nor will never smuggle weapons again. Sisko says the crew members won’t go home to their families again.

Sisko says they should try to prove the Central Command is behind the smuggling. Go to Cardassia, get evidence, and take it to the Federation. Hudson refuses, and says the Federation abandoned them and told them to take care of themselves.

He asks Sisko to let them use DS9 as a maintenance facility for their ships. Sisko refuses. Hudson says he won’t allow the deaths of people murdered by Cardassians to go unpunished. Sisko says he doesn’t want peace, he wants revenge. Hudson says it’s retaliation. He sighs and says it would have been nice for them to work together.

They’ve walked back to where Kira and Bashir are. Sisko turns to walk back to his people. Hudson shoots him, and then others shoot Kira and Bashir and they fall to the ground.

Hudson directs his people to move out, saying they won’t want to be there when Sisko and the others wake up.

So, I guess they’re not dead.


Apparently recovered, Sisko, Bashir, and Kira return to DS9. Sisko says he wants to speak with Cardassian Central Command, and Dax, who met them at the airlock, says that Legate Parn will be arriving within the hour. Sisko says he wants to talk to Starfleet while he’s waiting. Dax says Admiral Necheyev has already arrived.

They all take the turbolift to Ops. Sisko tells O’Brien that the Maquis must have transferred Dukat off the ship before they got to the asteroid. O’Brien agrees to retrace the warp trail and see if they met anyone else.

Sisko goes into his office where Admiral Necheyev is waiting.


I thought we might have seen Necheyev before, as she seemed familiar to me, but apparently this is her first appearance on DS9, though she previously showed up on TNG.


We get this quick shot of the back of her head as Sisko enters the office. It’s not nearly as complex as the updos we’ve seen on other DS9 ladies, but it’s still more than anything I usually wear.

Necheyev says the Cardassian Central Command is on military alert after Dukat’s kidnapping. She also suggests that Sisko might be better off with a Starfleet officer in charge of security, rather than Odo. He says he has complete faith in Odo and they are taking all possible steps to get Dukat back.

She says to keep her informed of the progress. He agrees but says there’s a bigger issue than Dukat. She says the Maquis are a bunch of irresponsible hotheads. He says they are responsible for the bombing of the Bok’Nor. She knows and says she doesn’t think the colonists should have stayed on the Cardassian side. She asks what Hudson thinks of the situation. Sisko hesitantly says he’ll have to ask him.

She starts to leave, saying she wants him to talk to the Maquis and remind them that they’re citizens of the Federation and they have to honor the treaty. He says that maybe the Cardassians aren’t honoring it and the situation is deteriorating rapidly. The admiral thinks he’s overstated the issue and tells him to establish a dialogue with the Maquis. Then she leaves.

Kira comes in, and Sisko has already started ranting about how he has tried to establish a dialogue and these people might be part of the Federation but they’re not saints, and the trouble is Earth, where there is no poverty, crime or war and everyone is a saint in paradise, but the Maquis don’t live there. There are no saints out there just people.

Kira says this makes sense. She reports that Legate Parn has just arrived and maybe he might give the same speech.

Odo calls and tells Sisko he ought to come to security, as he’s caught one of the Vulcan’s accomplices.

Quark is lounging in a cell.


He’s wearing his green upholstery jacket, with green pants. His lounging provides a rare opportunity to study footwear. Greenish-blue boots, with his pants tucked into them. I applaud his color coordination, but can’t say I’m a fan of either the height of the boots or the fact that his pants are tucked into them. I feel like Quark’s outfit would look better if he had, say, knee-high boots. Either way, pants tucked into shoes isn’t a great look.

Quark says he had no idea Sakonna was planning to kidnap Gul Dukat. Odo asks him to explain why they were spending so much time together. Quark tries to imply that he was just keeping company with a beautiful woman, and that Vulcans appreciate good ears. Odo doesn’t believe him.

He says to Sisko that it is very embarrassing to discuss his personal life. Sisko says embarrassment is the least of his worries unless he tells them about their business arrangement.

Quark says he was led astray by Sakonna’s feminine wiles. He then says she was in the market for certain items he was able to obtain. What items? Quark hesitates and then says deflector shields, navigational arrays…and maybe a few hundred photon torpedoes and some other weapons.

Odo and Sisko are appalled. Odo says he sold weapons to a terrorist group. Quark says he did not – the Pygorians sold them weapons. He just made some introductions. He’d never even heard of the Maquis until after Dukat’s kidnapping.

Sisko wants a list of everything she purchased. Quark agrees, and volunteers to testify against her in court. He also says that she was on a tight clock and so whatever she’s planning will probably happen in the next few days.

Odo asks if Sisko is going to search for Dukat again. He says yes, as soon as O’Brien tells them where to look. Odo wants to go along. Sisko agrees. Also, how long to keep Quark? Sisko says forever. Quark is not amused.

As Sisko is leaving Security, Kira comes up to him with Legate Parn, who insisted on seeing him right away. Parn says his business is crucial and they must have the discussion immediately. Sisko says they’re doing everything they can to get Dukat.


Legate Parn is a typical Cardassian, who seems to be wearing an outfit with broad shoulder pads, or else he’s doing his best impression of a linebacker. Like the Starfleet Admirals who get a traditional uniform with some bling, he’s wearing a Cardassian military uniform with some shiny embellishments and some kind of bright brooch – maybe a medal?

Parn says their efforts are appreciated but unnecessary, as Central Command has learned that Dukat was the leader of a small group of misguided officers who were funneling weapons to their colonies. Sisko and Kira are shocked, but conclude that the Maquis were correct.

Parn says that Dukat and the others were operating without their knowledge, and Central Command would not sanction anything that might violate the treaty. He says they’ve arrested Dukat’s co-conspirators and will deal with them.

Sisko asks where this leaves Dukat. Parn says with the Maquis, where he belongs. Sisko says he doesn’t want him back? Parn says he assumes the Maquis will execute him, and he doesn’t see what difference it makes if they do it or the Central Command does it.

Kira wonders if they will use Dukat’s death as an excuse to send troops. Parn says this won’t happen and they have no desire to go to war with the Federation. He gives his word. Kira is not convinced. Sisko says he found the talk enlightening. Parn must be going, so he leaves.

Kira says that she doesn’t believe anything he said. Sisko agrees, but says he did tell him that Hudson was right: the Cardassians are smuggling weapons into the DMZ.


Dax reports that three Federation settlers were killed on Hakton VII. The Cardassians say in response to the Bok’Nor.

O’Brien says he tracked the ship that took Dukat. Long-range sensors show no signs of any other ships on the route. Sisko wonders if they transferred him to a planet. The course took them past five M-Class planets. He sends the coordinates to the Rio Grande.

Sisko calls Odo and tells him to bring Bashir and meet him at the ship. Kira says there’s no reason to go after Dukat. The Cardassians don’t want him back! Sisko doesn’t want to leave him. Kira thinks he’s getting what he deserves. Sisko gets on the turbolift. He says the Central Command wants him dead so that’s reason enough to want him alive.

Sakonna the Vulcan lady is trying to do a mind meld with Dukat. It doesn’t seem to be working.

She says he has an ability to shield his thoughts. Dukat says it’s a matter of discipline. The red vest guy from the last episode wonders what to do. She says she’ll rest and try again later.


Red Vest Guy is not named, so far as I can tell. Maybe someone briefly addresses him by name, but if they do I missed it.

Dukat laughs and says they don’t know how to do this very well and talks about how on Cardassia they know how to extract information – although it can get a bit unpleasant, and the Federation doesn’t like unpleasantness. Red Vest Guy says he doesn’t agree with the Federation. Dukat mocks him about being a renegade, or so they think. Unfortunately the Federation has taught them well.

He thinks they lack the commitment to do what needs to be done. Red Vest Guy reminds him about the Bok’Nor. Dukat just laughs and says anyone can blow up a ship. To look your enemy in the eye and remember his face for the rest of your life takes a stomach stronger than he’ll ever have.

The guy takes the bait and picks up a weapon, but Sakonna stops him, saying they don’t possess the Cardassian gift for inflicting pain. Nor would they want such a gift. Red Vest Guy says they need to know where the Cardassians are sending the next weapons transport, so he’ll take over the interrogation and they’ll find out how committed he is.

Sisko says he doesn’t think anyone is that interested.

Everyone raises their weapons to point at Sisko, but he says he’s not there to fight. Vest guy says to let them go about their business. Sisko says he’s not leaving without Dukat. He says then they’re not leaving.

Bashir says they’re on the same side – they want to stop the arms shipments. So why not work together? Dukat says to stop talking and shoot them. Sisko refuses saying that’s not what he wants. He implores the others to put down their weapons. Dukat just insists that they start shooting. He stands up and knocks out Sakonna even though his wrists are bound.

He runs for cover and the Maquis start shooting – but not at Dukat, at Sisko and the others. They duck behind some rocks and shoot. Some of the Maquis are hit. Red Vest Guy starts to climb a ladder, but Odo stretches out his arm, wraps it around the guy, and throws him off.

Yay, Odo is using his shapeshifting!

Dukat goes to attack him, grabbing him by his vest. Sisko stops him. He tells Odo to secure everyone on the runabout except for the Red Vest Guy. He tells Red Vest Guy to tell Cal Hudson he hasn’t told Starfleet anything yet, and they can still solve this but they’re running out of time. Also, he still has his uniform and he can have it back whenever he wants.

Red Vest Guy stares at him and then runs up the ladder.

Back at DS9, Dukat enjoys a meal.


This involves drinking out of some fancy twisted bottle. I can’t tell what he’s eating but it looks very colorful.

The door rings and Sisko comes in to ask how he’s doing. Dukat says he finds a good meal relaxing after a difficult day. Sisko agrees. Dukat wonders what else they have in common. Sisko guesses not much. Dukat invites him to sit, so Sisko goes to the couch nearby.


Interesting art on the wall behind him. Again I wonder if DS9 has an interior decorator on staff to spruce up the guest quarters.

Dukat asks what will happen to the prisoners. Sisko says they’ll be tried under the Federation Code of Justice. If they’re innocent, which seems unlikely, they’ll be set free. Dukat thinks this is barbaric – on Cardassia, the verdict is always known before the trial begins, and it’s always the same. Sisko wonders why bother. He says people demand it and like to watch justice triumph over evil every time. Sisko wonders if they’re worried about charging an innocent man by mistake. He says Cardassians don’t make mistakes.

Dukat is puzzled – he says surely Central Command knew of his kidnapping, so why was he rescued by Sisko? Why wasn’t the station surrounded by Cardassian ships demanding his release. Sisko says they got a visit from Legate Parn. Did he make ugly threats?

No, he said Dukat was responsible for weapons smuggling and if the Maquis didn’t execute him, Central Command would. Dukat seems surprised by this and says nothing for a bit. He then says it seems his relationship with Central Command has deteriorated.

He then says he was misinformed, and Central Command is smuggling weapons. He didn’t know? Sisko asks. No, he says, they never bothered to tell him.

He asks Sisko for a deal – if he helps Sisko stop the smuggling, will Sisko help him stop the Maquis? Sisko agrees. He says he has a staff meeting at 0900. Dukat agrees to come, and thanks him for rescuing him. Sisko says he’s sure Dukat would have done the same for him.

Odo brings the list of weapons Sakonna ought from Quark to Ops for the meeting. It’s an extensive list. Everyone is impressed. O’Brien thinks they’ve had their fill of border skirmishes and want something bigger. Sisko tells them all that Quark thinks it will happen any day now.

Dax asks if they’ve made headway with Sakonna. Odo asks if she’s ever interrogated a Vulcan. No. Neither had he until today. He wouldn’t advise it as it’s quite frustrating. Dukat volunteers to help, but Sisko refuses his offer.

Kira tells Dukat to help by figuring out how Central Command is bringing in weapons. He says he guesses via a Xepolite free trader, because they’ve often been intermediaries for them and have never been caught.

In space, O’Brien, Sisko, Kira, and Dukat approach a Xepolite ship. The ship refuses their hails. Dukat isn’t surprised.

They try to scan the ship but can’t because it’s composed of a sensor-reflective material. Sisko instructs O’Brien and Dukat to stay on board while he and Kira transport over. But it’s too late, they’ve put up shields.

Dukat says that Xepolite ships can reach warp 9.8 so if they decide to run, the runabout will never catch them. Kira asks what to do. He says he’d lock onto the bridge with phasers, breaching their shields, and then lock onto the ship and tow it back to the station. Kira and Sisko think it’s needlessly bloody to kill everyone on board.

Sisko instructs O’Brien to fire a phaser over the bow to get the ship’s attention. It seems to work, and the ship hails them.


A Xepolite comes on screen, introducing himself as Drofo Awa, Hetman of the vessel, and asks what he wants.


I guess a Hetman is a captain? This shot of Drofo doesn’t show a lot of details, but he seems to be wearing a long-sleeved grayish-brown tunic over darker pants.

Sisko introduces himself and says he thinks they’re carrying weapons to the colonies in the DMZ. Drofo Awa denies it. He says they have Regrean wheat husks. Five kilotons. Sisko says that’s a lot of wheat husks and he wants to come onboard and see what it looks like.

Drofo Awa refuses and says that if anyone tries to board his vessel he’ll consider it an act of piracy. Sisko says he’s not going anywhere until they search his ship. Dukat stands up and commands that he let them onboard to search and then follow them back to DS9 where they’ll confiscate the cargo and then he’ll confess everything he knows. Then they’ll let him go.


Now that things are getting serious, Drofo Awa gets closer to the camera. He’s also got a kind of reptilian face and slicked back hair with a kind of plastic texture. His shirt kind of reminds me of a sweater in texture. Some random stripes. Maybe it’s knit. It’s a subtle pattern in gray, but if you added some more colors you could wear it to a Christmas sweater party.

Drofo Awa is confused. Gul Dukat identifies himself and says he must lower his shields or they’ll destroy him. The hetman says he’s already been paid and starts to beg. He lowers his shields.

Dukat says he thinks they can handle it from there and goes to sit down.

Back on DS9, Quark and Sakonna talk in Security. He’s not happy. She says that is irrelevant, and he was paid well.


I talked about Sakonna’s outfit in the last episode, and she’s wearing the same thing here so there’s not much to talk about, but this shot does give us a closer view of her collar. I don’t know why I’m not surprised it’s high-collared outfit, almost a turtleneck.

Quark says he understands the Cardassians can’t be trusted. She concludes that he agrees with their position. He says no, their position is illogical. He explains that the Third Rule of Acquisition (which she’s not familiar with) clearly states “Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to.” If you want to acquire peace, fine, but how much are you willing to pay for it?

She says whatever it costs. He says this is the sort of thinking that causes business ventures to fail. Peace could be bought at a bargain price. She finds this confusing.

He explains that the Central Command has been caught selling weapons to its soldiers, so every ship that approaches the DMZ will be searched. Without the support of Central Command, Cardassian settlers won’t be so eager to fight. She points out that he is forgetting the weapons they already have. He says they all have weapons so there’s no clear advantage – the price of peace is at an all time low, so this is the perfect time to sit down and talk it out. Attacking the Cardassians now will only escalate the conflict and make peace more expensive in the long run.


Dukat and Sisko discuss news that I suppose Sakonna shares with them after Quark’s convincing – that the Maquis are going to attack a concealed weapons depot located within a civilian population center within the next 52 hours. But she says she doesn’t know which colony it is hidden on. Sisko says he believes her.

Because Vulcans don’t lie? Usually not. Sisko hasn’t shared the information with the Central Command yet. Dukat is pleased, as they wouldn’t trust Sisko to handle it alone. Sisko says they would tell him where the weapons depot is located. Dukat says to leave that to him. He may not be a favorite but he knows people who are.

Sisko says he’s going to Volon III and try to talk sense into the Maquis. Dukat asks what if he can’t. He says he’ll stop them one way or another.

Sisko flies off to the colony he was at in the last episode. The woman with the weird jacket is reading off a clipboard that 35 people had to be hospitalized after eating from public food replicators and they suspect sabotage.


Seriously, what is going on with these lapels?

Red Vest Guy says that guards should be posted at all public replicators in the colonies.


They’re about to discuss the new curfew when the door opens and Sisko comes in.

What a pleasant surprise, Weird Jacket Lady says. If he’ll wait a moment, she will finish the meeting and they’ll talk privately. Sisko says that won’t be necessary, he wants everyone to hear what he has to say. He says he doesn’t know how many people there actually belong to the Maquis, but they probably are connected to people who do, so please pass along what he’s going to say.

There’s a treaty between Cardassia and the Federation, and if they make themselves an enemy of Cardassia, they’ll make themselves enemies of the Federation. Red Vest Guy says it’s outrageous and Weird Jacket Lady agrees.

Sisko says that he knows about the planned attack on the weapons depot. His advice is to call it off because he’ll be waiting and he’ll stop them.

The doors open and some armed guards come in from outside.


Blue-skinned dude is wearing a dark top the color of which I can’t make out and light brown pants. I don’t approve of the light brown pants. They’re not quite khaki colored, but not really brown. Maybe sand? I don’t think they’re a good match for his skin tone.

Behind him is a bearded guy with a red top that my eyes keep thinking is plaid, and so I keep thinking he’s Al Borland from Home Improvement. He seemed so sensible in that show, I can’t believe he’d join the Maquis. There’s also a dark-skinned guy with his green pants tucked into his brown boots (sigh) and a weird conglomeration of shirts. Light pink/peach over mustard orange, but with darker pink/red sleeves. He must have gotten dressed in the dark.

Another door opens from inside and this group includes Hudson.


He’s still wearing the blue shirt and couch vest from before, and now he’s tucked some metal thing (weapon?) in his belt. Accompanying him is a vaguely Native American guy with long dark hair, a red shirt, and a woven vest, as well as a woman who might be Klingon. The lighting is too dim to clearly see her outfit, but I think it’s also red.

Hudson says Sisko gave a rousing speech and his best rebuttal would be to kill Sisko. Sisko says he won’t. He takes off a bag he’s been carrying on his shoulder and sets it on the table.

Hudson asks what it is. Sisko says his uniform. Hudson says he’s an optimist. Sisko thinks he has a good reason to be. He says that now that they’ve stopped the weapon shipments from Cardassia there’s no need for the Maquis and they can work together to reach a peace agreement with the Cardassian Colonies. Hudson says it’s too late – they’re in a war and he could use Sisko’s help.

Sisko says no, and if he attacks the depot he’ll have to get through Sisko first. Hudson says he hopes not. He steps back, then draws his weapon and shoots the bag disintegrating it with his weapon. Then he leaves.

RIP uniform and also that bag.

Back on DS9, Dukat reports that the weapons depot is on Bryma colony. Sisko says their objective is to stop ships from reaching Bryma.

Dax says they’ll have to intercept them before the colony’s sensors pick them up. Kira agrees, saying that the settlers will ask for reinforcements from Cardassia if they suspect an imminent attack. O’Brien agrees that Central Command will have to respond if the Maquis attack a civilian target, regardless of their thoughts on the treaty.

Sisko says the runabouts will take a defensive position near the colony, outside sensor range. O’Brien says they should hide some sensor probes in the system’s Oort cloud, so they can spot the Maquis no matter what route they take.

Bashir wonders how many ships they’ll have. Odo says that Sokonna reported they only have two ships capable of mounting the weapons she purchased. So the Maquis will have two ships and our heros will have three ships.

O’Brien says the colonists are used to being outnumbered, so the extra ship might not give them much of an advantage. Dax wonders how to stop them. Dukat quotes a human expression: Shoot to kill.

Sisko says they’ll try to stop with words but will use force if necessary. Kira asks for clarification – they can shoot back? Yes, he says, target warp engines and weapons arrays and try to disable them.

Dukat thinks this is noble and hopes the Maquis will be obliging.

Dukat and Sisko head out in the Rio Grande, Dax and Kira in the Orinoco, and O’Brien and Bashir in the Mekong. O’Brien says their communication channel is secure. His probes haven’t detected any ships yet.

Bashir wonders if the Maquis are coming, as they know Sisko said he’d be waiting. Dax wonders if they’ll push the time frame back a day or week. Sisko thinks they’re coming. The longer they wait, the greater the chance the weapons depot will be moved to another location.

O’Brien detects some Federation ships moving in. Sisko hails them and talks to Hudson, saying it’s not going to work. He tells him to turn the ships around. Hudson says “don’t make me fire on you,” and hangs up.

On the Maquis ship, Red Vest Guy tells Hudson that Sisko isn’t going to listen to him. Hudson initiates evasive maneuvers and tells the other ship to follow his leave.


Their ship is either small or has not spent a lot of money on the cockpit area. They seem cramped and squeezed in there.

They start toward the runabouts, then turn at the last minute.

O’Brien reports they’re making a run for it. Sisko orders tractor beams locked on. They succeed.

On the Maquis ship, Hudson and Red Vest Guy are jolted forward. Hudson tells Sisko to let them go. Sisko says he can’t do that. Hudson says to duck. He then tells Red Vest Guy to fire on the beam emitter. He does.

Sisko and Dukat are shaken violently while alarms beep at them. Dukat asks Sisko what he’s waiting for. Dax and O’Brien both report that they’re loosing the tractor lock. Sisko says to commence firing.

Hope these have air bags. Oh, they don’t. Well, nice knowing you, Dukat.

They start shooting. One ship doesn’t appear badly damaged, but one flails off into space.

Red Vest Guy reports that their compatriot (Niles)’s propulsion system is down and he’s drifting. Hudson wants to even the odds. They shoot at one of the runabouts.

Dax and Kira are hit. Dax reports that the navigational array was hit and they’ve lost attitude control. She says she’s trying to use manual thrusters but it doesn’t work.

Sisko tells O’Brien to go after Dax and Kira, and he’ll handle Hudson. O’Brien plans to beam Kira and Dax out.

Hudson and Vest Guy are turning around to make another pass. Hudson calls Sisko. He says he’s not turning back. Sisko doesn’t want him to start a war. Neither one listens to the other.

They shoot at each other. Hudson and Vest Guy are hit. They’re out of photon torpedoes, so Hudson says to switch to phasers. They come about again. There’s more shooting.

Pew, pow, pew.

Sisko and Dukat get shaken about again. Dukat notes they’ve taken a direct hit on the fusion core, so Sisko initiates emergency core shutdown. They’ve lost warp and impulse engines but have maneuvering thrusters.

Red Vest Guy encourages Hudson to shoot at them with phasers, but Hudson says they’ve lost the whole weapons array. Red Vest Guy wonders what to do. Hudson says it’s time to leave.

Dukat wants Sisko to fire. Sisko calls Hudson instead and says it’s over. Hudson says for now – next time tell Starfleet to send someone else. He doesn’t want to shoot at him. Sisko tries to tell him to stand down and if he runs, he can’t protect him. Dukat keeps insisting he shoot.

Sisko tries to tell him he’s throwing away his life and going to be a fugitive. Hudson is not moved. He hangs up. Dukat tries to hit the button to fire phasers. Sisko pushes him off. Dukat says he’s a sentimental fool. Sisko says he stopped the Maquis like he said he would, but he’s not going to shoot a guy for defending his home.

Dukat is disappointed. Sisko doesn’t care. He calls O’Brien over to help with the engines.


Back on DS9, Sisko is reading in his office. Kira comes in and says that Dukat has left. O’Brien also says that the damaged runabouts will be up and running in a few days.

He says he got a communiqué from Starfleet thanking him for his work and for preserving the peace with the Cardassians. She says he deserves it for preventing a war. He wonders if he just delayed the inevitable.

Stray Thoughts:

There really was no need to have Bashir in this episode. He didn’t say much at all.

* It’s never made clear to me who Weird Jacket Lady or Red Vest Guy are. Are they supposed to be the civilian leaders of the colonies? It seemed like Sisko was interrupting a council meeting of some sort, but why did Weird Jacket Lady think he was coming to talk to her? Is she the one in charge? If so, does she know or condone Red Vest Guy’s actions? So many unanswered questions!

* Admiral Necheyev was kind of useless. Does Starfleet command really not know how unhappy the colonists are? Hudson says they’re being ignored, but I feel like after the whole situation with the Bok’Nor might have brought the building conflict to the admirals’ attention?

* Dukat seemed genuinely hurt that no one from Central Command came to knock heads together about his kidnapping. Poor guy. He seems sympathetic here.

* I think I liked Part I better than Part II. This part seems a bit rushed. The conclusion wasn’t much of a conclusion, either!