To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E20: “The Maquis: Part One”

To Boldly Sew is a recap of DS9 episodes, with a specific focus on the fashions of the many aliens and other characters that make up the series. Feel free to discuss matters of plot and general Star Trek things in the comments. 

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There’s a ship at the station, and some Cardassians bring on board what looks like a metal beam.


This guy is keeping an eye on the proceedings. He’s wearing generic brown on generic brown. Could be worse.

They carry it out of the airlock and a Starfleet guy brings his toolbox forward. He messes with a panel on the wall.

In Ops, Dax reports that the Cardassian Freighter Bok’Nor is requesting permission to depart Upper Pylon 1 in three minutes. Kira notes an incoming Bolian vessel and instructs Kira to tell the Cardassians to avoid it.

Kira asks Dax if she’d like to have dinner that evening, but Dax has already made plans to eat with Captain Boday. He’s a Gallamite. Kira seems appalled but denies having a problem with it. Dax says he has a big brain and Kira says she’s seen it. Dax says it’s not his fault that Gallamites have transparent skulls. Kira agrees but seems skeptical.

Dax thinks Kira is too focused on appearance. They banter on the topic for a bit.

The freighter Bok’Nor prepares to leave, so Dax releases the docking clamps. An alarm starts chirping at her, however, so she hails the ship and tells them to shut down their engines.

The ship apparently didn’t get the message, as they pull away from the station and explode.

always share explosions

In Ops, they feel the effects. Dax checks, saying it’s some kind of impulse overload. Kira tells engineering personnel to report to stations as they have an SID in progress, but Dax says there’s nothing left of the ship and no one left to rescue.



Kira and O’Brien take a shuttle out. O’Brien scans the wreckage and sees only materials commonly used in Cardassian ship construction. Kira suggests it was a malfunction in the impulse engines. O’Brien says it’s too soon to be sure.

Sisko calls for an update. He says he has every admiral in subspace range on his back looking for an explanation and asks if he can tell them it looks like an accident. O’Brien is hesitant.

Kira asks if there’s been any word from the Cardassians. Nope. Odo says that Bajoran outposts have been put on alert for retaliatory strikes. The Provisional Government put out a statement saying they had nothing to do with it.

Kira says maybe it was an accident. Odo is skeptical and says the Cardassians probably won’t accept that.

O’Brien says he’s picking up a compound called mercassium. Dax says there shouldn’t be any. What does this mean? They don’t know. Odo asks if it’s used in explosives. Sisko says it’s used in shield generator construction by the Federation. They don’t share the tech with anyone.

Dax says she doesn’t think they’ll find any evidence of an explosive device. O’Brien starts to respectfully disagree. She clarifies that she thinks it was actually an implosive protomatter device designed to match the impulse signature. She explains that just before the explosion she saw an increase in their fusion rate and has been looking for an explanation in the ship itself – some malfunction in the engines – but she hasn’t found one and thinks the fusion shock was caused by something external.

O’Brien agrees it’s possible, but hard to prove. He wants to take a high resolution spectra of the debris, but that takes time. Sisko says to get started and he’ll tell all the admirals.

A guy named Cal comes into Ops. Sisko and he shake hands. Dax says “Hi Calvin” and he looks confused, so Sisko introduces them. Apparently he knew Curzon Dax. Sisko introduces Odo as well and explains that Commander Calvin Hudson is Starfleet’s attaché to the Federation colonies in the new demilitarized zone.


Calvin Hudson has the old style uniform, which I can’t help but wonder if was to visually distinguish him from Sisko, since they seem to be about the same age and of similar appearance.

Odo says they must be concerned about security right now, and Hudson says they’ve not noticed any Cardassian activity near the border. Odo agrees and says he’s worried.

Hudson and Sisko go into Sisko’s office to talk. They discuss Dax a little bit, with Hudson suggesting that it might be uncomfortable to work with her, and asking if they are dating – they then both laugh at the idea. Hudson asks about Jake – he’s tall and throwing baseballs well.

Hudson says it must have been difficult – at least he didn’t have a kid to raise. Sisko says they helped each other. Sisko says he heard about Gretchen and wanted to be there but had trouble getting back to see him. Hudson says he hoped that he and Sisko would have time for some R&R together once he was assigned to the colonies but they’re both so busy.

He then says that his life has gotten harder since the Federation abandoned the colonies. Sisko is confused. Hudson gets animated and says his presence there is a joke. He’s supposed to help the colonies function under the terms of the treaty. He doesn’t know what that means. Sisko says he thought the people wanted to stay and refused to leave. Hudson says the treaty gave away their territory to the Cardassians and they’re not happy. He says it’s a bad treaty and the Federation gave away too much.

Sisko says that some Cardassian colonies wanted to stay on the Federation side – this seemed like a reasonable compromise. Hudson agrees and says that if the Cardassian colonies were in the Federation territory they’d protect them, but the Cardassians won’t do the same for the Federation’s colonies.

Sisko says that some admirals are concerned that the destruction of the Bok’Nor might jeopardize the treaty. He says they’ve been asked to assess the risk. Hudson says there’s no risk – the Cardassians are happy with the treaty and are not going to risk that by sending forces to the DMZ.

He says he’d be concerned with security along the Bajoran border. Sisko asks if he’s surprised they haven’t responded. Hudson says they will.

On the promenade, a guy in a gray shirt studies a big message board. A Vulcan woman comes up and says that quarters have been arranged through discreet channels and suggests he keep a low profile until his ship arrives. She leaves. He doesn’t say anything.


Oversized gray shirt guy in a turtleneck is pretty boring.

The Vulcan woman is pretty fashionable. She’s wearing what looks like a boring gray dress on top, but with an interesting floral pattern underneath.

Also, I need to point out the woman behind the Vulcan, who is wearing brown overalls and an orange shirt. It looks like some sort of uniform.

Above, two people in weird clothes are watching.


The one in purple looks more female to me, though I couldn’t say for sure, and maybe that’s just because of the height difference. Both are wearing hats which are held on beneath the chin and kind of interestingly shaped. I can’t even figure out how to properly describe the shape. I also have no idea what species these folks are.

Quark is counting his latinum. The Vulcan lady from the previous scene comes up behind him. She recognizes him. He thinks she has a warrant for his arrest but she is unaware of such.


Quark is wearing what I call his green upholstery jacket. It’s kind of boring.

She says that he must be the proprietor and wants to discuss a business proposition. She says his past is of no concern. He is pleased, saying he wants to make a fresh start with the Vulcans. She says her name is Sakonna.  He compliments her and offers her a drink, then pours her some Vulcan port, three centuries old. She declines.

He pours it anyway, saying she is not thirsty. He says he’ll leave it out anyway. She wants to discuss the business proposition in private. He suggests they discuss it over dinner. She agrees to return at 8:00.


The guy with the gray shirt walks down the hall. The weirdly dressed woman drops something.

oh no I can’t pick it up because my hat might fall off!

She’s got a silvery metal thing across her chest and the same pattern over her hat. If it is actual metal, that must make the hat kind of top-heavy.

He bends to help her pick it up and her companion stuns him from behind.

Sisko, in his quarters, calls for Jake, but finds Dukat sitting there instead. Dukat apologizes for startling him.


Dukat vs. Jake Sisko in a fashion match up: tough call. Jake has horrible taste in jumpsuits, but at least he wears colors, unlike the Cardassian military uniform. Thankfully, Dukat has a colorful personality to make up for it.

Sisko asks where Jake is. Dukat says he doesn’t know. He appears insulted by the implication that he would harm Jake and wants to talk in private. Sisko calls Kira and says to find Jake and let him know where he is.

Dukat says he was an unregistered passenger on a freighter and slipped in through a cargo bay and made his way to Sisko’s quarters without anyone knowing. He points out he was the commander of the station for almost 10 years and knows how to get around. He admires Sisko’s decorating.

Kira calls to say that Jake is with Nog, watching women come off ships.

Sisko asks Dukat what he wants. They both sit. Dukat says that Sisko has a problem. He says that Central Command has no idea he’s there – it’s an unofficial visit. He says he’s there to help Sisko find out the truth about the Bok’Nor.

He also says he already knows who’s responsible for the Bok’Nor. Who? Sisko asks. You are. Well, not Sisko personally – he’s an honorable man who doesn’t sneak around and attach implosion devices to engines. But there are others of his brethren who are.

Sisko waits. Dukat clarifies that he means morally superior humans and other members of the Federation. Sisko is skeptical. Dukat says he will convince him. He wants to go to the Volon colonies in the Demilitarized Zone.


They head out in a runabout. Dukat notes that his controls are not illuminated – isn’t it customary for both seats to have the ability to pilot in case of an emergency. Sisko says he’ll just have to be out of luck if there’s an emergency. Dukat says he won’t steal secrets. Sisko says that Cardassians are famous for their photographic memories.


Sisko says he heard that Cardassian children enter intense mind training at the age of four. Dukat says their educational system is unparalleled. Sisko thinks they’re taking the joy out of growing up. Dukat says education is power and joy is vulnerability. Sisko is appalled.

Dukat says Sisko seems the most joyless and the least vulnerable, so he thought he’d understand. Sisko says he is when he’s with Dukat. Dukat laughs. He says he’s looking forward to getting to know him better. Sisko says he knows him well enough.

Their banter is cut off by an alarm – a Federation merchant vessel is sending out a distress signal because they’re under attack by Cardassians. Dukat sighs. Two vessels are just inside the DMZ. Dukat says that’s not possible.

The merchant vessel is not responding as their comm systems are down, so Sisko orders the computer to take them there at warp 3. Dukat says he is also curious about what’s happening.

Dukat asks what sort of Cardassian ships they are – they seem to be shuttles, but armed with Galor-class phaser banks. Dukat says they must be from the colonies in the DMZ. He tells Sisko to open an channel and speaks to the pilots, identifying himself and asking for a response. No one speaks. He gives his security code and tells them to disengage. They ignore him.

He’s angry and tells them he’s going to personally fire the photon torpedos that destroy them. He leans over Sisko, confessing he already knows where those controls are, and tells Sisko to let him know when they’re in range.

Before he can fire, another ship comes into the area. It’s a Federation ship. Sisko says it’s not from Starfleet, he’s not seen that signature before, but he thinks someone has modified an old support courier. Sisko tries hailing them but they don’t answer.

They’ve fired torpedoes. Sisko is surprised they have them. The Cardassian vessels are destroyed. Dukat notes that they’ve started their own little war without either of them interfering.


Back on DS9, Quark details the menu to the Vulcan visitor, Sakonna.


He’s also put out some flowers.

He says the commencement of a new business arrangement is a cause of celebration for any Ferengi – there should be plenty of drinking of wine and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

She says she will respect some of his cultural idiosyncrasies, and will drink the wine but not dance. He says maybe she’ll change her mind after the wine. She disagrees. He pressures and cajoles her.

She asks if they can begin the business discussion, so he quotes Rule of Acquisition 214: Never begin a business negotiation on an empty stomach. Sakonna has not heard of the Rules of Acquisition. He explains there are 285 such rules, designed to ensure fairness to all (or at least most) parties. She approves, as this is logical and reassuring.

He asks if Vulcans have anything similar, and she says in structure it reminds one of the Vulcan Bill of Rights, which guarantees the personal fundamental freedoms of every Vulcan. He agrees this is the same thing and proposes a toast.

Quark says he feels very honored that they’re able to work together as he respects the Vulcans. They drink. He asks about the business proposition.

She says she wants to procure weapons. He nearly spits out his drink as she clarifies: guns, phaser banks, photon torpedoes, troop transports, and a number of cobalt-thorium devices. The list is expensive. She is prepared to pay in latinum and will need a continuous supply for the forseeable future.

Quark is more astonished. He says she’s not like other Vulcans.

Dukat and Sisko have landed on what I assume is one of the colonies, where some humans and Cardassians are arguing.


The colony seems to have a tube going around it – maybe some sort of transit system, or a pipeline for bringing minerals down from the mountain? It also seems to go up the mountain.


The colonists are not all human – there’s a guy all the way on the right who appears to be Vulcan. He’s wearing a dark red striped shirt and a gray vest.

The woman sitting at the table and the man standing next to her seem to be favoring plaid patterns – she has a sort of red and blue jacket over a lighter blue shirt, and he has a dark blue under a red plaid vest.

You know, in the real world, I only ever see people wear vests with suits.

The guy along the back wall has a long shirt that might be plaid red and green, and long, dark hair. I think he’s wearing a beaded necklace, which kind of gives me a vibe of Native American. And then there’s a woman hidden in the back who is wearing a bright pink dress.

The Cardassians say that a Federation ship was carrying weapons through the DMZ and refused to be boarded. Commander Hudson, who is present, says that the ship was carrying medical supplies.

They are all surprised when Dukat and Sisko come in. The Cardassians say that no one informed them he was coming. Dukat says he wanted an impromptu visit would be preferable so no one would be bothered with special preparations.

Hudson introduces Gul Evek, his counterpart in the colonies, who says he’s glad Sisko has come to listen. Sisko says they monitored the attack on the way in. Dukat agrees with the word “monitor” and says that none of the ships responded to their hails, and the Cardassian pilots refused to acknowledge him.


Gul Evek is a generic Cardassian, and his subordinate, who has no lines, is wearing red. Is he not in the military? Do aides or other lower-level Cardassians get to wear colors?

Gul Evek says it was because it was a strange voice from a Federation runabout. Dukat says that he gave them his security code. Evek says they had their hands full. One of the colonists points out they were full with an unprovoked attack.

Evek doesn’t think it was unprovoked and accuses the Federation of engaging in terroristic activities against the Cardassians, deliberately undermining the treaty. Sisko says the Federation doesn’t conduct secret wars. Evek asks him to explain where the Federations ship with photon torpedoes came from.

Hudson asks him to explain why his ships had Galor-class phaser banks. Evek says they have a right to defend themselves against organized terrorist activities. Sisko says he hasn’t heard any proof of such activities. One of the colonists says there is none.


The woman’s jacket is not terrible, but what the heck is going on with the light green lapels? Too many patterns! I don’t hate the guy’s shirt, but the red vest is terrible and stiff.

Evek says they have the confession of the terrorist responsible for the destruction of the Bok’Nor. He hands Sisko a little metal thing that I guess has that file. Evek takes a tablet thing from his subordinate and reads from it, saying that a 43 year old male human named William Patrick Samuels, born in Norway, Earth.

The colonists interrupt to say that they know who he is – where is he? Evek ignores them and keeps reading.

He says that Samuels came to the colony on Volon II 20 years prior, married to a woman named Louise and has two children, 14 and 12, and was quite cooperative when they apprehended him on DS9. Sisko hands the thing to Hudson, who places it in a conveniently located computer thing.

A video pops up of the guy in the gray shirt we saw earlier.


There’s some interesting subtle patterning on the shirt, which I didn’t notice earlier. But it’s still a boring gray.

He identifies himself and says he’s being held for crimes against the Cardassians and has confessed that he’s the member of a well-armed anti-Cardassian force and set an implosion device that destroyed the Bok’Nor. He regrets participating, and he apologizes to his wife and children and says he loves them.

The human male colonist says he would have confessed anything after the Cardassians were through with him, but Gul Evek says that he confessed early in the interrogation – far sooner than they expected. He thinks he truly felt remorse.

Hudson says they want to talk to him. Evek calls for him to be brought in, and says that unfortunately Samuels committed suicide in his cell. They set the covered gurney on the table and pull back the sheet. The leader of the colonists climbs on the table, leaps over the body, and attacks Gul Evek.

Hudson goes to pull him off. Sisko yells for Dukat to take the Cardassians away. A few colonists take the body and the rest leave at Hudson’s urging.

Hudson tells Sisko that he knew Samuels – he was a farmer for 20 years and raised 2 kids on his land and then the Federation told him to give it all up and he wasn’t willing to do it.

Sisko says that people like him made both sides realize they had to make accommodations so the colonists could stay. Hudson says the Cardassians have no intention of letting them stay – they’ll force them out or kill them. It’s already started and there’s not a day there isn’t some random act of violence against them – they all know not to go out alone at night.

Sisko asks if the Cardassian authorities are not enforcing the law. Hudson says they were part of a mob that stoned citizens in a mob three days prior. Sisko says the Federation can take that up with the Cardassians at the highest levels.

Hudson is skeptical. He says the word is that the Central Command is arming their colonists two the teeth. Sisko asks if he really thinks the Cardassians would risk breaking the treaty by sending weapons to the DMZ. Hudson says they’ll find a way to do it that’s not obvious.

Sisko says they’d caught the Cardassians shipping weapons to the Bajorans through a third party, the Yiridians. Hudson wonders if the Bok’Nor was carrying weapons. Sisko says that if it was, the transfer was made before it got to DS9 – the cargo holds of the ship were empty.

He asks Hudson if he thinks Samuels did it. Hudson says he’s not sure – they could have forced out a confession and then killed him. Sisko is skeptical that Dukat would bring him there unless he had proof. Hudson says he doesn’t know.

Hudson says he has to tell the wife and he’s not sure of what to say. They reminisce for a bit about their time together in New Berlin.

Sisko asks if the colonists are organizing a terrorist campaign. Hudson says if they are, they’re not telling him about it. But he thinks they have every right to defend themselves, and they have no other choice since the Federation left them.

Sisko and Dukat head back to DS9. Dukat observes that Sisko is quiet, so Sisko says that Dukat knew about Samuels before they left.

Dukat says he knew about the confession. He didn’t know he was dead. Sisko doesn’t think anyone will buy the suicide story, and he doesn’t care what Samuels did, but the barbaric disregard for life will undermine the treaty. Dukat says he agrees and told Evek he was a fool to let Samuels die. A good interrogator loses the advantage if he lets his subject die.

Sisko is cynical, saying that all Dukat is interested in is the advantage. Dukat says this is holier-than-thou Federation fair play dogma and reminds him that his man (Samuels) was responsible for the death of 73 crew members. Sisko asks what the Bok’Nor was transporting. It had just delivered 14 metric tons of golside ore to the Regulon system. Sisko asks if it was carrying weapons.

To whom? Cardassians in the DMZ. No, it’s route didn’t take it anywhere near that area. Sisko suggests it rendezvoused with someone else. Dukat disagrees and says if it was carrying weapons he would know. He swears on the lives of his children it was not. Sisko didn’t know he had kids. Seven!

Back at DS9 the Vulcan woman goes to Quark’s.


We get a nice full-body shot here and confirm that she is indeed wearing a dress, and the floral patterning goes down to the floor. It somehow manages to be both feminine and logical. Works for a Vulcan woman.

Quark says that his source will have everything ready tomorrow by 1400 hours. She says she has to leave the station tonight. Can they have the materials tonight? Quark says he’ll have to.


Quark has changed into what I call his green paisley jacket. It’s a little more visually interesting than the upholstery.

She says she has the latinum if he’d like to count it. He asks if she’s trustworthy. She’s a Vulcan. But it wouldn’t hurt to give a quick count. She’ll have it brought to his quarters.

He stops her before she can leave, saying he hoped to show her other ways to mix business and pleasure. She says maybe in the future, as she finds him intriguing. He considers this a compliment.

The airlock opens and Sisko and Dukat come back on to the promenade. Sisko offers Dukat some guest quarters and security until he can get back home. Dukat requests Starfleet security as some Bajoran deputies from when he was in charge are still around.

He offers further assistance, but Sisko declines and heads back to Ops.

O’Brien says it was an implosive device – a Federation implosive device. Sisko knew this already. O’Brien explains the logic of it.

Sisko wants Starfleet command on subspace. He storms into his office. Kira is alarmed, and goes after him. She asks if there’s anything she needs to communicate to the Bajoran Provisional Government. He says to tell them some reckless colonists in the DMZ blew up the ship and there’s no threat to Bajor.

She says she’ll advise their outposts to stand down and asks if they’re facing the prospect of war. He says not if he can help it, and says that he doesn’t know if the colonists even know what they want, he just knows they have to be stopped and it’s Starfleet’s job to stop it.

Kira tries to give her opinion, though Sisko is grumpy and doesn’t want it. She doesn’t know what the Cardassians said, so he tells her about the confession from Samuels. Kira suggests that he is playing into the Cardassians’ hands. Sisko says he can’t turn a blind eye to killing people.

She asks if they don’t have a right to defend themselves? He says they crossed a line. Kira says that Starfleet is unwilling to defend their people, so they have no choice. He says they chose to live with the Cardassians. She didn’t and lived with them for 26 years. She knows what they’re going through and knows the Cardassians can’t be trusted to keep the treaty.

Sisko asks if they should respond by arming the colonists and not keep their side either. She says the Cardassians are the enemy and not their own colonists. Sisko opens his door and turns away.

In the hallway, a security guy goes up to another one and says he’s been sent to relieve him. The one on duty says he only reported an hour ago, but then he falls unconscious as another person touches his neck. The guy is dragged away and Sakonna appears from the shadows and rings the bell.


Dukat answers. The fake security guy says there is a message from Sisko. Dukat opens the door and Sakonna tells him that they’ve been asked to escort him to an airlock. The fake security guy says a Cardassian freighter has arrived. He also says that another bomb was found and disarmed.

They all head down the hallway to an airlock. Dukat expects Sisko to be there but he isn’t. Instead the red vest man from the colony appears, with another man.


The second guy is wearing an oversized sweater that looks like it’s straight out of the Cosby show, and both have boring brown pants.

Dukat figures they’re not about to board a freighter. He starts to enter the airlock, and then turns and punches the one colonist and Sakonna. He starts to run away but another colonist shoots him in the back, and he’s knocked out. They drag him through the airlock.

Should probably have disarmed that guy, too.


Sisko is in his office arguing and the rest of the staff is watching through the window. Bashir wonders what they’re saying.


Kira says that with two kidnappings and a ship exploding in a week, they probably have plenty to say. Odo says it’s their fault and he’s been warning them since the beginning. O’Brien asks what he’s talking about. He says Odo is in charge of security.

Odo says if they let him be in charge of security, he’ll be in charge, but complains that he’s hampered by the Federation rule book. Dax says that no one means to blame him. Odo says he wants more deputies, a curfew, and searches of arrivals. Kira thinks this means the station will be like it was during the Occupation. He says it was safer then. She says unless you were a Bajoran.

Sisko comes out of his office and says he wants a review of all security measures on the station. Odo is happy to accommodate.

Kira reports that the knocked out security guard says that he was assaulted by a Vulcan female and a human male in a Starfleet uniform. He saw the Vulcan woman? Or did he just assume so based on the neck grip? Odo says he’s trying to locate anyone they might have contacted on the station.

Sisko asks how many ships left during the night? O’Brien says two – a merchant ship and a freighter. Where were they going? One went through the wormhole, the other is on a trade route. Sisko assumes they wouldn’t take Dukat through the wormhole, so it must be the other one. He tells Dax to check the ship’s registry and make sure it’s in order and O’Brien to identify its warp signature from their records.

O’Brien identifies the ship’s warp signature and sees that it was still moving along the trade route when it left their sensor range. Sisko tells Kira to send a message to the intended destination – Farius Prime – to let him know if the ship shows up. She says she can send the warp signature over subspace. O’Brien says she can make it a general transmission asking anyone to notify them if it changes course. Sisko agrees.

Dax says the ship’s registry is forged – the Galadoreans don’t have any ships in that sector. Sisko tells Bashir and Kira to come with him and for Odo to send a message to Commander Hudson that they’re on the way and assuming Dukat will be taken to the DMZ.

Before they can leave, Kira notes that they got a general subspace transmission from somewhere in the DMZ – a group is taking credit for the kidnapping of Dukat. They’re calling themselves the Maquis.

Sisko, Kira, and Bashir head out in the runabout. O’Brien calls and says that a Klingon ship near the DMZ has identified the warp signature. The ship changed course. He send the last coordinates over, so Kira sends them in that direction.

Kira reports that the ship is headed for the Badlands – a stretch of the Cardassian border that ships try to avoid as there are lots of plasma storms there. Sisko recalls a few ships have been lost there. Bashir notes it’s the perfect place for a hideout.

He then asks Sisko what the plan is for dealing with the colonists. Sisko says they’re going to get Dukat back by any means necessary. Bashir asks if they have to fire on their own people.

Kira reports that the warp signature has lead to an M-Class asteroid, so they head that way.

They scan the surface and locate the ship with human life signs. No Cardassians.

They beam down.

On the surface, there are plants and trees. The three move out, but there are others with weapons watching them.

Hudson emerges from the trees, saying he’s glad Sisko had no trouble finding them, and it seems one disaster after another keeps bringing them back together.


Hudson is wearing a vest or jacket that looks like it was made from my parents’ old couch, over a dark blue shirt.



Stray Thoughts:

* I mostly remember the Maquis from the few episodes of Voyager I watched, but I vaguely recall them appearing on TNG also. Is this their introduction, or just their introduction to DS9?

* I like how the immediate players in the story aren’t clear. Who are the weirdly dressed people? How is the Vulcan woman involved with the Maquis?

* Gul Dukat has seven children. I didn’t think of Cardassians as having large families. Is this common?

* I don’t have any other thoughts since I don’t know how this ends yet, but I’ll just say this is the second episode in a row that I’ve really enjoyed rather than just sort of sat through.