Avocado Fantasy Football Week 2

Week 1 is in the books! I lost and am in 10th place because this world is cruel garbage. But that’s life, people. Anyways, Week 1 is always a bizarre weird world and should never be analyzed too hard, so here are the results and very early standings…

Week 1 results

Week 2 standings

The one new person in this league is in first place after one week. Asinine. Absurd. Ridiculous. How dare it be allowed. More importantly, though, we have a DAN VICTORY. If anybody remembers, it took many many months for Dan to get on the board last year after a deep hole in last place, so him winning week one is a pleasant surprise. LONG LIVE DAN! Also please laugh at Jon in last place. Not the 10th place guy. Anyways, the week 2 schedule…

Week 2 schedule

I think it’s a good time to bounce back this week against AWP for myself. And for Dan to continue until he reigns alone in first place. This is Dan’s league now. And well all the other people, good luck everybody!