Werewolf for Beginners Signups!

Welcome to Werewolf 101 (and 102!), a set of introductory Werewolf games! These games will function as a way to get players acquainted with the game, so players who are new will have priority. Due to the demand for a beginner’s game MacCrocodile and I will be running TWO games assuming we have enough interest. Because of this, we’ll be tailoring the roles to the number of players in each game.

What is Werewolf?

Werewolf is a game in which an informed minority tries to overtake the majority. Simply put, the bad guys (the Wolves) will plot in a secret chat to wipe out the good guys (Town). The game is broken into two phases: day and night.

During the day all players will chat in an open thread posted here on The Avocado. This is Town’s way to investigate other players, and will culminate in a vote to kill one of your teammates.

The night phase will take place through private chats distributed to all the players in the game. Players with roles (like investigative powers) will use these to submit their actions, and the wolves will use them to submit their night kill. The wolves share their own group chat.

The game is over when the wolves are wiped out by Town, or when Town’s numbers are equal or less than the wolves.

For closer look at the rules, check out Colonel Mustard’s post here!


Our games utilize Quicktopic.com for secret chats, and private discussions with the mod. Every player in the game will receive a QT link containing their role and potentially a link to the Wolf Chat. Do not lose this link! I recommend you set up a free account on Quicktopic.com because it makes keeping track of quicktopic threads much easier. You can also subscribe to an email list to be notified of future games here  (click “get email” in the upper right corner).


  • You may not edit or delete your posts, so think carefully before you hit send!
    Don’t directly quote something from Quicktopic.com
  • Don’t discuss anything specifically game related in other threads. Jokes and references are fine, “I think player X is the investigator” is not.
  • Attack arguments not players
  • Werewolf works best with an active player base so we encourage you to make at least 3 posts a day, otherwise you will be replaced.
  • Have fun!
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