Weekly Who #8 Is Speculative

Series 12 is coming to the airwaves next year and filming is underway. So in honor of that (and because your intrepid guide couldn’t think of a topic.) I will provide some speculation (baselessness will vary) as to the contents of the upcoming season. (Also if some of these could officially be made into official rumors I will be very happy)

SPOILERS for series 11 will be below so if you haven’t watched that you should do so it is very good.

  • Mary Shelly returns to Doctor Who: There is a rumor floating around the fan scene that famous Horror Goddess Mary Shelly (hopefully Julie Cox reprises the role) will be appearing next season potentially alongside the Cybermen. This news excites me as this would be the second time the author has faced off with the cybermen in canon as well as the first time a Big Finish companion appears on the show proper. (Also do give her tenure with the 8th Doctor a listen it is only 4 very good audio adventures.) Mary's Story
  • Yaz will get more to do: Yaz is a great companion but most of the companion storylines in series 11 were given to watching Graham and Ryan bond and deal with the death of Grace (Not making Grace a companion was totally lame though. She’d have loved running about space-time and we need more grandmas.) Hopefully with that storyline as resolved as it can be we’ll get more episodes and maybe an arc all for Yaz. Yaz
  • We’ll get another Peladon Sequel: The Curse Of Peladon a classic Third Doctor Serial was about England negotiating to join the European Economic Community. With Brexit still happening the show would be cooco bananas to not give us a third television sequel to the classic Peladon story. What will it be about? Easy! Peladon will be debating about leaving the Federation.


Those are my guesses and wishes please let me know what you wish to see in Series 12 in the comments