Werewolf 100: The One Hundreding – Day 3 (Team 2)

With the death of a Disqus agent, you folks are feeling pretty relieved. You’re well on your way to stopping that evil corporation! Plus, you probably won’t die! You wonder if there’s anything they could possibly do to get back at you!

And then the flicker gets worse, and you remember they hold the power in the Werewolf Cinematic Universe. You run towards the least crowded-looking fancy Greek building, hoping to escape the white flashes.

There are two folks gathered outside, talking about something.

“A shame about the ostracism. I didn’t get a chance to tell you back there, but… I’m actually Athens’s hottest part-time musical / theatrical agent. I was very impressed by what I heard today.”


You leave them to it, and rush inside. Turns out there’s an entire group of people inside, talking about murder and– oh no. They’re Werewolf players. You try to look as time-appropriate as possible, but that’s hard to do when half of you are dressed in business casual. 

Geoff as The Luggage attempts to reassure the startled group of people:  <code>”so we’re being followed by a group of people capable of murder. remain calm.”</code> They do not remain calm. They try to ask questions, but it’s all Greek to you. As they become more panicked, the white flicker returns, more intense this time. 

“Disqus! Will you calm down for a minute, please! Bending the fabric of reality is an OSHA violation, and we do not want to fill out that paperwork again,” pleads Bill Moneysales.

The toga’d players realize you aren’t able to understand them, and try to gesture at you wildly. It doesn’t work. This is a nightmare.

In the confusion, the proper English gent puts a hand to his heart. “Cheerio! Pip pip! British dialogue!!” he cries as splotches of gray spread up his arms. A few of you go to help him, but you’re unable to stop the gray from seeping into his face. He gasps in horror as the last of his eyes go gray, and falls to the ground.

Donalbain (Proper British Gent) has died. He was Jacques Renault from Twin Peaks (Vanilla Wolf)

“AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” says everyone, transcending the language barrier and achieving a new form of understanding. Instead of savoring this new connection, you back away from the body. You can’t really tell, but the can of Hamdingers seems to want to get out of there and find Owen. That sounds like as good an idea as any. You apologize for the body and sprint out of there.

You, once again, are bobbing and weaving through the streets of Athens. The flicker only gets worse at this point, almost blinding you. Some of you wave your hands at the sky, hoping Owen will notice you and send you somewhere else. 

And then, the ground begins to crack.

At first, you think it’s Owen trying to save you again. But when the cobblestones fall into the abyss underneath, it’s glowing solid white. That doesn’t seem good. “This is totally NOT radical! Help!!!” Xyler shouts towards the sky. For a second, there’s no answer as the otherwise pristine architecture crumbles into the new holes in the earth. 

Entire walls fall behind you as you run, acting as an excellent motivator for you to keep pace. The sight of a new group of people in strange, foreign clothing, shouting at the sky for a deity they call “Owen”, scares the locals a bit, especially when the world seems to dissolve into dust behind them. They do the best they can to run far, far away from you.

As you shout out directions, sprinting through the street, the white flicker becomes more like a white curtain in front of your face. You can barely see anything, making navigating the city as it crumbles around you that much more horrifying. Everyone continues to cry for Owen’s help.

“My name’s John Laurens and I’m here to say / At least no one’s fallen into the abyss today!” shouts John Laurens somewhere to the left of you. You curse at him for jinxing you, because just then you turn into a dead end. You turn around, but the ground behind you crumbles into the void too fast. You’re trapped.

Thankfully, the teenage voice rings from the heavens, “Hey everyone! I just got back from band– Christ. What happened?”

“HELP,” everyone replies in unison.

“Okay, I’m going to send you guys to the first game I can find!” He pauses for entirely too long. “…guys, Spooky’s going to be mad at me if she’s not in this group. She loves this game.”

“JUST DO IT,” everyone replies in unison.

Just as the buildings next to you crumble, the ground opens up below you. The rainbow abyss swallows you, closing up after you fall in.

You land just outside a house in San Francisco. The windows have their curtains open, and 20 people are talking and generally grooving inside. You see a suspicious-looking woman sneaking around. Tied to the mailbox is… a birthday balloon. If you’re not mistaken, it feels distinctly 2003 in here.

You knock on the door, sure that Johnny will let you in.

Welcome to Werewolf 58: The Room.

Lisa has recruited one or two more wolves. How many exactly, you don’t know.

If a Jailer or Investigator was recruited, their role has been canceled, and they have become another wolf. Recruited Lovers stay in the Lovers chat.

If an SK was recruited, the role of SK is passed onto another random town member. 

Today’s special roles are the Crane Brothers. They can be either town or wolf. They get to psychoanalyze one mod each by asking them two questions, not about another players’ alignment or how many of each faction there are. The answers will be true.

Team 2 Players

  1. Donalbain VANILLA WOLF
  2. Lord Stoneheart
  3. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  4. MacCrocodile
  5. Lindsay
  7. Cop On The Edge-Ish
  8. Louie
  9. Glitch VANILLA TOWN
  10. SisterJudeTheObscure
  11. forget_it_jake
  12. HolsGG
  13. Demyx
  14. Subsaharan
  15. Corporal Hicks
  16. Lovely Bones
  17. Shinichiki VANILLA WOLF
  18. Lamb Dance
  19. Creeper VANILLA TOWN
  20. Josephus



  • Town wins when all the wolves and the serial killer are defeated.
  • The wolves win when they are equal to the number of town-aligned players left.
  • Serial killer wins when it comes down to just them and one other person.
  • A tie at the end of day results in No Kill. A majority of living players voting for any one person (or No Kill) ends the day early.
  • No editing posts.
  • No quoting or screencapping from your QTs.
  • Each roled player can only use their role on a member of their own team. 
  • Each day has special roles that can be given to either town or scum. These roles will reflect the day and can influence the results of the game. Once the day is over, the secret roles will be done.
  • Ol’ Pigeonpockets Pete will begin sending messages from the graveyard on Day 2. These messages are largely pointless, we just thought they would be fun.
  • If you have any other questions about rules, please ask in QT, and we will answer publicly here.



  • 1 Town Investigator – gives a result of “Wolf” or “Not Wolf”
  • 1 Town Jailer – protects person from nightkill and using their role
  • 2 Lovers – share a QT, if one dies so will the other 
  • 1 Wolf Roleblocker – blocks person from using their role
  • 3 Vanilla Wolves
  • 1 Serial Killer
  • 11 Vanilla Town

Each role is flavored in a fun way related to a past game. The name of this role doesn’t have much to do with anything.


Twilight is 9 PM EST on Sunday, September 8.