AVoCADo GamesCast-ing Call #53, Take 2

Hi hi AvoPlayers! We’re planning to record the next episode of the AVoCADo GamesCast sometime very soon (currently shooting for the 7th or 8th but can change as needed) and we’d love for you to join if you’re available.

This year has had a prominent lineup of various kinds of retro game releases, from remakes like the early Resident Evil 2 or Sony’s MediEvil coming late next month, to new games heavily influenced by a creator’s previous work like Bloodstained, and the growing Switch Online list of now more than 60 games, including a set of SNES titles.

Inspired by this, we’ll be discussing our memorable experiences with ‘coming (very) late’ to a game or games, bona fide classic or otherwise. We will also spend some time discussing the September Nintendo Direct.

If you want to participate, please provide:

  1. Your Skype handle, if I don’t already have it.1
  2. What times on Saturday and/or Sunday you’re available2

As always, the GamesCast welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds. Regardless of your age, gender, sexual orientation, or cultural background, if you have something to say, we’d love to have you.

Recording should take between 90 and 135 minutes. The only hardware requirements are a decent-quality mic for recording (the mic on a mid-range headset usually suffices) and a stable Internet connection.

Let’s chat about video games!

(Credit to Science is Bad for the header art.)