Songs By The Letter, Side 2: Your Top “D” Songs

Welcome back to one of my favorite recurring features (although it does result in some agonizing decisions). Since this is the second go-around, I’m calling it “Songs By The Letter, Side 2.”

The rules are simple, just list your top 25 songs that start with the letter “D”. You can rank them if you want, or just list them in any old order. There was an unofficial house rule last time around to only list one song for each artist, just so there would be greater variety, but you don’t have to follow that if you don’t want to. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you found a letter with 25 different Beatles songs and listed them all. If you have fewer than 25, that’s OK, just list what you have. If you’re having too much trouble narrowing it down to only 25 songs, that’s OK too. I’m not the boss of you.

After the letter Z, we’ll have one final post for songs that start with numbers or any other non-alphabetic symbols.

Special shout-out to The Internet’s Cappadocious, who, in last week’s thread, posted Songs By The Letter By The Numbers for the letter B. This week, we’ll get the numbers for the letter C.

Finally, here’s a link to the first go-around for C in case you’re looking for inspiration.

(Pictured in the header: Animal playing the drums. When I signed up for Concert Band in 5th Grade, they asked me my 1st and 2nd choice of instruments. Of course I wanted to play the drums, so I put that down as my first choice. Well, they told me they had too many people who wanted to play drums, but I could play my 2nd choice instead. For reasons that I don’t remember, mostly because I really wanted to play drums and didn’t think very long about a backup plan, I chose the clarinet. I ended up playing it from then until I finished high school. And in every concert band I was ever in, the clarinets were either the largest section or second largest behind the flutes. But I’m not bitter.)