Songs by the Letter: Your Top ‘D’ Songs

Please don’t think of that 25 is a requirement for posting here. Think of it more as an upper limit. This is supposed to be fun, not a rigid assignment. If ten seems more reasonable to you, please do that. If you can only think of one, post that too.

I forgot who was posting these before, but apparently they got banned so fuck them. But I’m still stealing their idea. Let’s compile a list of top songs by letter. A-C have already been covered, so we’re going to start with D, and I’m going to start with my list.

Personally, I think it’s fun to actually listen to other people’s lists, but it can be pretty onerous to create a playlist, especially if you don’t have spotify or anything. If you’re up for including links to the songs, I would encourage it however remember that if you plop a YouTube link in there it’s going to embed the video even if it’s in an HTML code. You can create a link to get around this, so I would suggest doing that, otherwise this page is going to get super crowded.

I would also encourage people to discuss their songs in their lists. This can be fun and interesting, but I’m not doing that this time because I really should be doing something else.

25. Dig this Record. Jesca Hoop. The House that Jack Built.
24. Do the Dishes. Circuit des Yeux. In Plain Speech.
23. Diamant Noir. Monarch. Never Forever.
22. Do They Owe Us a Living?. Crass. The Feeding of the 5000.
21. A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Acid and Flowers Mix). My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. Confessions of a Knife.
20. Did He Fall?. Thighpaulsandra. The Golden Communion.
19. Death in the Mind of the Living. Tarentel. The Order of Things.
18. Devil Dog. Motorpsycho. Black Hole/Blank Canvas.
17. Dopesmoker. Sleep. Dopesmoker.
16. The Daily Growl. Lambchop. Is a Woman.
15. Digifucker. Fight Like Apes. Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion.
14. Don’t Go Into That Barn. Tom Waits. Real Gone.
13. Dark Days. Jolie Holland. Wine Dark Sea.
12. Did She Scare All Your Friends Away. Gareth Lidiard. Strange Tourist.
11. Dowager. Anna Meredith. Varmints.
10. Do You Need My Love. Weyes Blood. Front Row Seat to Earth.
9. Divers. Joanna Newsom. Divers.
8. Dead Skin Mask. Slayer. Seasons in the Abyss.
7. Deep Down Trauma Hounds. Skinny Puppy. Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse.
6. Dance Yrself Clean. LCD Soundsystem. This Is Happening.
5. Dogs. Pink Floyd. Animals.
4. Demolished. Unwound. No Energy.
3. Drive-In Saturday. David Bowie. Aladdin Sane.
2. Debra. Beck. Midnite Vultures.
1. Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways. Tammy St. John. Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways b/w I Mustn’t Cry.

How often should we do this? Everyday seems to quick, every week seems too long. Any suggestions?