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The Weekend Politics Thread Does Stuff

My apologies in advance if this post sounds patronizing or lecture-y. I read an upsetting bit of news, and now I’m writing this on a Wednesday afternoon in an attempt to calm down and salvage the rest of the day. Here goes: ever get worked up over the news, to the point that you go into hyper-rage and just want to indiscriminately destroy, like, the world?

[I would link to the video, but hey, I’m not a monster!]

Well, hold up for a minute, and remember to ask, “What is my goal?”

Let’s pretend for a minute that everyone to the left of Barry Goldwater formed themselves into a huge army and ruthlessly crushed your enemies. Sanity restored, bad guys launched into the sun, the works. Great. Now what? You’re the king now. What would you actually DO?

The good news is, you have an answer to that question. You don’t want to hurt people – that’s what the Republican party is for. No, you want to do SOMETHING that makes this world a better place, something that makes life better for other people. Here are a few of the causes that might just be on your list of SOMETHINGS, along with some links to people who are working to achieve these goals. Ooh, and it’s alphabetical!

Criminal justice reform – ACLU, Innocence Project

Gun control – Everytown

Human rights – Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch

Immigrant rights – RAICES

LGBTQ rights – Human Rights Campaign

Racial equality – NAACP, SPLC

The environment – Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund

Voting rights – Fair Fight 2020 (from Stacey Abrams!)

Women’s rights – NOW, Planned Parenthood


Obviously there are some massive omissions here, both of topics and organizations, which is the sole responsibility of my ignorant self. Plus I didn’t even touch on less overtly political ways to be involved, like educational programs and community organizations, which are obviously just as focused on making this a better world.

So we’ve got quite a few actual SOMETHINGS to achieve. Let’s keep our respective heads up, if we can, and our respective eyes on the respective prizes, and win these respective fights.

OK, commenting time! No threats against Mayor McSquirrel or any other tyrannical wildlife, or anyone at all. And don’t forget to enjoy the weekend!