I Made a Movie!

Brian Rose Humorous

So it’s come to this.  The Avocado has made me a writer.

I’ve got a lot of plans to contribute useful content in the near future, and to start off, I wanted to share a pretty wonderful development that I’d love to include you all in.

Some of you may know, that when I’m not laboring digging ditches, shoveling snow, or riding the rails in search of fruit to pick, I make movies.  Documentaries specifically.  Because I figured, why not spend my money making the kinds of films that rarely make a profit!  I’ve been at this crazy business for fifteen years or so, spending the last six on a cold case, which is now my new film, “When I Last Saw Jesse.”

WILSJ Frame1_0

It’s the story of a student who in 2006 traveled to Chicago with his classmates for an academic conference, only to never return.  The film retraces his steps his last night in the city, filming on location in all the actual places where the events occurred, and features interviews with family, friends, witnesses and investigators.  It’s a haunting and sad story, and one that leverages every ounce of skill I have as a filmmaker.

The road has had a lot of ups and downs, throughout all of which the Avocado has been there to support me.  And now, I’m proud to say that the film will be coming to Chicago, to play at the Gene Siskel Film Center!  There will be two screenings, on September 7th at 8:00 and September 11 at 8:15.  I will be traveling to Chicago and will attend both showings.


I would be honored if anyone in the Chicago area who is interested would come to the show.  It’s hugely humbling to get this kind of opportunity and I’m doing everything I can to get folks out for the show.  And I feel confident in saying, that you won’t see another documentary like this one.  It’s different, and maybe that means it won’t have the same wide appeal as other docs, but it sure will be a memorable one.  And for those true crime buffs out there, I’m hoping to organize a tour after the screening of the actual places where the events of the film took place, mere blocks from the theater.

I do want to add, in the interest of disclosure, that I am receiving a portion of the box office receipts for this screening.  I hope that won’t make a huge difference, but all the same I want you all to know up front just what it is I stand to gain from this.  With that all said, I’d like to end by thanking everyone who has been there to offer kindness and support.  I don’t know what I’d do without this community, and I hope to keep on delivering films, until the day comes that I’ve made something really incredible.  You all are a part of everything I make, and every success I enjoy.

When I Last Saw Jesse: Event and Ticket Info