Comic Book Review – Symbiote Spider-Man #4 (of 5)

Symbiote Spider-Man #4

Peter David – Writer

Greg Land – Artist

The Black Cat meets Mysterio at a nearby rooftop. He wants the sample, but she wants her file back first. Mysterio never said he would give her back the file, only that he wouldn’t leak her news to Spider-Man. A furious Black Cat hands over the sample and tells Mysterio she hates him before leaving. Spider-Man is seen watching the exchange take place. Mysterio, feeling like he’s being watched, turns around and sees no one there. He leaves to meet Johnny at the Kingpin’s headquarters.

Johnny and Mysterio observe the sample growing before the Kingpin interrupts their research. Fisk calls Johnny into his office to review the scientist’s research. Mysterio is left alone until he gets a tap on the shoulder – it’s Spider-Man, who punches the villain so hard it breaks his fishbowl helmet. Spider-Man releases the sample from containment and it scurries away. Two henchmen enter the room and start firing their guns at Spider-Man, who easily webs the men to the wall, incapacitating them. The Kingpin makes his way into the lab, but Spider-Man dives through a window to escape. The Kingpin notices the Wall-Crawler made no quips and feels the hero wasn’t quite himself. The Kingpin finds an unconscious Mysterio on the floor.

Mysterio gets a bucket of water thrown on him to wake him up. He’s tied to a chair and punched repeatedly by the Kingpin. Fisk wants to know why the villain was in his headquarters. Before he can answer, the sample covers Mysterio’s legs and torso, completely covering him. Mysterio breaks out of his restraints, stands up, and picks up Wilson Fisk and slams him into his henchmen. Mysterio teleports to safety and the Kingpin makes Johnny track down Mysterio.

The dawn of a new morning in New York City. Mysterio greets the day feeling empowered by his new suit. He is going to get the rest of the costume by any means necessary and will destroy Spider-Man once and for all. Peter wakes up to the sound of his phone ringing, wondering where Felicia went, his costume right where he left it. It’s Aunt May on the phone; she wants to meet with Peter and make up with each other. May cut off all communication with Peter, but her conversation with Felicia has made her see the error of her ways. Peter and May decide to get breakfast together and talk.

Peter swings from his apartment in costume. He hitches a ride on top of the 7 train. Mysterio appears behind Peter and throws an electric disc at the hero, knocking him unconscious. As Mysterio tries to take the costume off Peter, he notices there are no seams or zipper. Peter grabs Mysterio’s arm and the men square off on top of the train, as Felicia watches from a nearby billboard.

Face front, True Believers! The final showdown between Spider-Man and Mysterio is teased with the final page of this issue. Who will stand triumphant? Will Felicia or Johnny be the deciding factor in the outcome of this throwdown? Will Peter make it to brunch on time? All will be answered in the final issue of this miniseries. I have a feeling that Mysterio will end up with some sort of amnesia to forget about the costume. I’m curious to see if this miniseries will tie into the Absolute Carnage event at all. Carnage is hunting those that have worn the Venom symbiote. Will Mysterio end up a target of Cletus Kasady? The answer to this question is up in the air for now.

Next Issue – The culmination of Peter David and Greg Land’s blockbuster series! Mysterio makes his final play for the symbiote! Is this the beginning of the end for Spidey and Black Cat?