“Eight Fires” American Dad! S16E19

Roger helps Francine with her terrible cooking by bringing her to a remote Patagonian island. Stan gets a nail in his head and can’t speak.

Francine cooks diner, it’s what’s for diner.  She took all day to prep the family meal and is so tired that she turns in early.  Waking up to the TV playing “The Desolation of Smaug”, she finds that none of the family are in their respective beds.  Upon further searching , she finds them in the crawlspace eating (“I know what a crawlspace is”)


The family tries delicately tells her , that her cooking  isn’t good.  Except for Jeff, “WE’RE STILL HUNGRY BECAUSE YOUR DINNER STINKS. IT SUCKS! YOU’RE A BAD LADY”.  So timeout for Jeff in dark part of the crawlspace. “IT’S POOP FOOD!”


This being a tight space, Stan accidentally jabs a nail in his head while reaching for a Little Smokie in the dirt.  But now he can’t talk .


Francine decides to rectify her lack luster cooking skills and signs up for a cooking class with Klaus.


Even though she follows the recipes exactly , her food is still bland.  So after threatening to burn the place to the ground and by watching Morning Mimosa’s interview with Super Chef Francis Mallmann and his book, The Seven Fires, Francine jets off to Patagonia with Roger to learn how to cook.


South of the border and after saying goodbye to Roger, we meet “Frenchus Mallmank” , not Francis Mallmann.


Roger, er, Frenchus holds a cooking seminar teaching his techniques.  Spatchcocking among them, which works with any meat.


Francine still can’t understand how to cook.  But then there are bigger fish to fry when bears come a mauling and spatchcocking


Stranded, Roger has  Francine cut off and cook his injured leg, finally proving once and for all that Francine can cook, even for a sleuth of bears.


Roger even hits his goal weight.


B Plot News

The kids take Stan to a local “Doctor” in a storage unit.  The nail is stuck in Stan’s speech center and thus can’t talk.  Doc  can’t remove the nail until the brain swelling goes down, so hi jinks ensue for the rest of this episode .  Doc puts a “hat” on the nail, but   “It’s a Bugle snack”


At the mall trying to find a better hat, Stan sits at a piano and can play.  He gets hired to play which draws in customers into spending more money.


One last song, no more nail, no more pianist Stan


Overall another fun episode.   Poking fun at the cooking fad, Francine being real anal retentive on cooking,  bears,  silent Stan.  Good times

Next week, “The Hand that Rocks the Rogu”

Grade B