Best Video Game Song Tournament – Prehistory (Before 1983) – Round 3

Current Standings:

Round 3 Standings

Round 2 was a lot closer overall than Round 1; even just one round’s worth of sorting was enough to make for a lot more challenging choices for our fellow ‘Cados. There were still some blowouts: each of our top 3 songs won in round 2 by 10 upvotes.

Round 3 is sure to feature some tough choices, as 6 of our remaining 7 unbeatens face each other. (Pac Man – “Ready! Jingle” once again has the pair-down. They may be #2 but they ain’t played nobody Paaaaawl)

Please listen to both songs in a matchup before voting! Give the dark horses a fair shake.

Voting will be open until Wednesday, August 21st at 10:00 PM Pacific