Comic Book Review- Symbiote Spider-Man #3 (of 5)

Symbiote Spider-Man #3

Peter David- Writer

Greg Land – Artist

Quentin and Johnny discuss Spider-Man’s new costume. Quentin says the superhero won’t give them a sample willingly, so they will try to blackmail him into it. Johnny tells Quentin he may have a way to get the sample; by blackmailing Felicia Hardy into getting it for them.

Meanwhile, a performance of Cats is interrupted by Electro and Spider-Man. As Electro chases after the Wall Crawler, Spider-Man runs into an usher lighting a cigarette in the lobby. The usher is startled by Spider-Man and his lighter gets thrown in the air. Spider-Man catches it and uses it to activate the sprinkler system, short-circuiting Electro. As Spider-Man watches Electro being taken into police custody on a nearby rooftop, Black Cat joins him. Felicia tells Peter it’s high time he revealed his secret identity to his Aunt May. Peter fears the news could cause Aunt May to die of shock. Peter asks why the sudden interest in Aunt May and Felicia tells him the two met each other at the cemetery. As the two begin to argue about May, Peter swings off before he says something he shouldn’t.

Felicia returns to her apartment and is greeted by Mysterio. A scuffle between the two ensues as Mysterio offers Black Cat a business opportunity; a large sum of money in exchange for a sample of Spider-Man’s new costume. Felicia rejects the offer as it would be a betrayal of the highest order. Mysterio then says he has a counter offer and makes a file magically appear. The file folder contains proof that the Kingpin gave Black Cat her bad luck powers. She tries to grab the information before he makes it disappear. Mysterio will give Spider-Man the file if she doesn’t take the job. Felicia reluctantly accepts the task in order to protect her secret and her relationship with Peter. Mysterio gives her a laser scalpel and a container to protect the sample.

Peter returns home, his search for Mysterio fruitless. Peter’s Spider-Sense goes off as he finds Felicia in his apartment. She’s standing in his bedroom wearing a bathrobe. Peter tries to finish the conversation they had earlier, but Felicia has other ideas and takes her bathrobe off, revealing sexy lingerie. Peter, fast asleep in his bed, is a victim of a powerful knock out chemical that was in Felicia’s lipstick. Felicia uses the laser scalpel to cut off a piece of the costume and places it in the container. Worried that he’ll notice the missing piece of the costume, Felicia is surprised to see that the costume has already repaired itself. Felicia dresses in her Black Cat costume and leaves the apartment. The costume slithers off the chair it was on and looks out the window to see her leaving. The costume then moves toward the bed and adheres itself to Peter. Fully dressed in his costume, Peter wakes from his slumber with a start.

Cracks are starting to form in Felicia and Peter’s relationship. As we have seen before secrets between friends and lovers in the realm of superheroes usually come back home to roost at the most inopportune time (see any series in the Arrowverse universe for an example). After last issue, we can firmly conclude that the suit will do whatever it can to preserve itself and its own secrets. Will Felicia be its latest victim next issue? Can she get the sample to Mysterio in time before Peter unknowingly comes after her?

Next issue – Peter David and Greg Land continue their tale that takes place during the original Alien Costume Saga! Mysterio finds himself in possession of a sliver of the black costume, unaware of its true nature…

Then, tensions continue to mount between Peter Parker, and his girlfriend, Felicia Hardy. She’s been keeping something from him – something that threatens to tear apart their relationship!