Guy Talk: Men and Family

Welcome to Guy Talk, a serious space to discuss masculinity, good and bad. This week, we have a new header image and a new topic: family.

The proper role of men inside the family unit is a contested one. Patriarchy literally means “rule by fathers” and the home is one place this is expressed, with men undertaking less housework, childcare and emotional labour – all the things needed to keep a family together. Men also tend to earn more than women, giving them leverage over how a household is run and what goods are consumed.

That said, men the world over are trying to do better. We can reject patriarchal norms and the hierarchical families they create.

What is your experience of family? How do you relate to your father, mother, siblings? And how does masculinity affect these relationships?

Remember that this is a trans-inclusive space, and that is OK to post things that are off-topic, as long as they are about masculinity. Everyone is welcome to comment.