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Job Rants Thread – 8/16/2019 – They Say It’s Your Birthday


Hey, all; Happy Friday –


So, if the header didn’t tip you off, today’s sub-topic is going to be about birthdays; both in-general, and because, frankly mine’s on Monday, and I wanted to figure out some way to work that into this.


Now, I personally will be spending mine the best way I can possibly think of; being nowhere within several miles of my place of employment, and likely, very much asleep. However, I haven’t always had that luxury. Indeed, I have vivid memories of spending much of my 21st crammed into a hot parking booth, and ending my shift having sliced my foot open on some broken glass. (Ah, the Parks Dept.)

While I hope none of you have ever had to undergo anything quite that extreme, I dare say I’m not alone when it comes to having had to muscle on through on what, ideally, should be a day filled with friends, family, and the ever-present reminder you’re getting old as fuck.


What are your birthday job stories? Are you like me, and use it as an excuse to do as little as possible, or do you just not care, and plow forward? Do your bosses and co-workers care? Do you at least get some sheet cake? All those questions, and any other rants you may have, will be discussed here, today.


As ever, have a productive rest of the day, safe trip home, and a great weekend. And remember: No, seriously; where’s my cake?