The Thursday Politics Thread’s Stocks Take A Plunge

Morning Politocadoes,

The Dow Jones dropped 800 points on Wednesday. The last time this happened it was on the precipice of the Great Recession. So that’s nice. The fun thing is that Millennials have rarely ever known a strong and robust economy so we’re likely not going to have to change our lifestyles. So long dreams of buying a home! Get used to this Generation Z! Rent, roommates, or Parent roommates and unpayable amounts of student debt are the new norm.



Keep in mind that last time this all happened that, for everything that the Bush Administration was, there were actually serious people in charge. People who were actual economists were running the Treasury. Schmucks and frauds like Larry Kudlow and Steven Mnuchin are the ones in charge now. While we may not be in an economic crisis now, signs seem to point in that direction. We need people who have some idea of how to deal with a crisis when it happens.

Meanwhile, a shooting in Philadelphia resulted in the injury of 6 police officers. After a long standoff that kept a small neighborhood in the grip of fear, the suspect was apprehended. Fortunately, none of the officers injuries appeared to be life threatening. There’s an easy solution to all of this and it involves stricter gun control measures.

There’s also reporting coming out of Kentucky that a firm tied to Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska has been pouring millions of dollars into the state. And hey, wouldn’t you know, both of Kentucky’s Senators voted against ending a filibuster on keeping sanctions on Russian firms like Deripaska’s. Certainly there wasn’t anything improper here. Moscow Mitch sure knows how to earn his keep.

Also, perhaps maybe we should no longer have ICE? A peaceful protest led by the Jewish community in Rhode Island was nearly run over by an ICE guard’s truck as they attempted to block access to the facility.

So yeah, ICE is getting increasingly bold with their actions and that really cannot be tolerated.

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