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The Thursday Politics Thread Gives ‘Comfort’ To The Grieving

Morning Politocadoes,

The President didn’t alllow the press to cover him going to ‘comfort’ the grieving communities of El Paso and Dayton on Wednesday. During the visit to El Paso he only took one question from a reporter. No, instead he opted to get footage from his own White House team and cut a ‘sizzle reel’ of sorts that was released on his website. See, he wasn’t there to actually to give comfort and assurances to victims of simultaneous deadly shootings, no, he was there to get some video for re-election campaign. I won’t bother to link it, propaganda has its own ways to get into the media bloodstream without my, or the Avocado’s help. Needless to say this is all pretty classic him.

His visit to Dayton (not Toledo), included meeting with Mayor Nan Whaley, whom implored the President to consider gun control legislation. Sherrod Brown was there expressing similar views, and the (Republican) Ohio Governor Mike Dewine and Ohio congressman Mike Turner also made clear advocacy for background checks and assault weapons bans elsewhere prior to the visit.

So naturally, he tore the grieving community’s politicians a new one on twitter while giving ‘comfort’.

The President’s deeds and actions have been nothing but self-serving and inflammatory. Dayton was, according to Mayor Whaley, united in their sense of loss but upon the President’s arrival, his divisive nature neatly tore that apart, with some vehemently demanding he not show up, and others, due to their eCoNOmIc AnXIeTy I assume, very much wanted him there. El Paso citizens, survivors and members of the community alike, made it clear he was unwelcome there. But he went ahead anyway.

He doesn’t really care. He just sees opportunities to drum up support from his base. He thinks this will win him the election. I personally don’t think he really considers how his words, so laced with invective, can lead to violence. The election, his rallies, and the violence caused in its wake are all separate issues. They don’t connect for him. He just cares about people screaming his name in adulation. That is his first and primary motivation. It tickles his lizard brain.

Welcome to Thursday! Please be excellent to each other! The Mayor McSquirrel Rule is in effect because we’re better than him. If you notice a news item being posted too often, alert a mod so it can be pinned to the top of the thread.