The Avocado

What Did You Hot This Weekend?

I’ve always loved staring at maps. When I was a kid, I would draw the 48 contiguous U.S. states from memory, just for fun.

I also love weather maps and statistics. The Wikipedia entries for most mid-to-large cities in the world have a section on climate complete with average weather data. Who reads those? I do.

I’ve spent more time than I should ever admit at Dark Sky, which allows you to scroll around and zoom in on any spot in the world to get up-to-the second temperature and weather information. If you’re into this kind of thing, click that link at your free time’s peril.

Anyway, wherever you were this weekend, I hope you managed to stay out of the heat, and remember things could be worse, you could be in Taoudenni. (Or maybe you are, in which case, find some shade!)

What did you do this weekend?