“Demolition Daddy ” American Dad! S16E15

Thanks to Roger, Snot discovers his dead father was a demolition derby driver. Hayley takes Steve on a road trip, so he can learn to drive.


It’s drivers ed class for Steve and the gang.  Principal Lewis hands out learner’s permits instead of the regular teacher “due to the fallout from the holiday party”.  Snot has no father to teach him, gets sad about it  so he recruits none other than Tuttle to help!  But Tuttle feels a heart attack coming off so off to the hospital backwards.


“That’s called reverse.  If I survive, I’ll teach you forwards”

Steve tried to get Stan to teach him to drive, but Stan has other plans, such as not teaching Steve.   So it’s over to Hayley for help.   But she’s off to Florida for a Sub Hub salami delivery.  “No bathroom breaks! You’ll pee in a 2007 X Games souvenir cup like the rest of us”

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Snot tried to check in on Tuttle, but he ain’t family.  Of course it’s “Dick Keebler” (er Roger) to the rescue.


Dick, er Roger, claims to have know Snot’s real dad, Lonny from the demolition derby circuit, who eventually wound up on the English derby circuit.  Roger, er Dick, offers to teach Snot how to derby.


Meanwhile, on the road with Steve and Haley  aka Headband Dynamite, Steve finds out that the salami they are hauling is highly explosive because why not.

“Gotta do all back roads, can’t risk getting pulled over.  Plus we get to hit up some rural strip clubs.  Those backwoods beauties have bushes that will knock your teeth out”


Snot confronts his mom about his dad, and Esther knew all about the derby and Keebler.  Snot takes off with Keebler to find the Red Rammer.



Back on the big rig front, after a rope bridge crossing,  Hayley and Steve get pulled over by a state trooper for hauling contraband luncheon meat.  “I know which smells stronger, bullshit or salami”.


Some quick thinking on Haley’s part gets them out of that jam


And Jeff didn’t have to shoot the sheriff, or the deputy for that matter.


Snot confronts his mom once again only to find out that she’s dismantled the Red Rammer and turned it into house furniture.   Snot, Berry and Toshi take it upon themselves to rebuild the Red Rammer.  Cue up Vehicle’s  “Ides of March” musical montage!


Of course Roger steals the reconstructed Rammer, but Esther comes to Snot’s aid to get it back.   We find out that she was Lonny’s original derby  spotter.  Car chase is on!


A and B Plots collide when Haley and Steve also come to Snot’s rescue.  Convoys  (you can’t call it that!) , crashing cars, sheriffs, exploding salamis?   What is this, a 70s trucker movie?

“Shut the door and sit on the toilet! Cause I got some friends in deep donkey doo!”


Chase comes to an abrupt end as Snot realizes that he don’t need the Red Rammer or his dad.  Snot’s mom is all the dad he needs.  How sweet.

Another weird and whacked out plot line.  Not that great, but not a train wreck.  We did learn about Snot’s dad and what happened to him, so that’s cool? Also, just one line from Francine – “Don’t say boom-b!tch to your father”

Grade B-