The Night Thread Visit Doc Samson’s Office

The gamma powered Dr. Leonard Samson‘s first appearance was in The Incredible Hulk #141 (July 1971)

Bio -“The Doc’s powers and abilities are all gamma-based. He is superhumanly strong being able to lift huge weights. It has been revealed that he is stronger than the She-Hulk, but not as strong as the Hulk himself. The Doc is also extremely resilient to physical damage, being impervious to bullets and smaller rocket weaponry and has superhuman stamina and durability. Dr. Samson is a gifted man with a Ph.D. in Psychiatry. He is also a skilled theoretical technician and inventor of several medical devices of superbly advanced technology bordering the impossible.” THANK YOU INTERNET!

Doc Samson has recently returned to the pages of Immortal Hulk.

If you haven’t been picking this comic series up, I highly recommend it.

The first three Immortal Hulk trade paperbacks are available at your local library, your nearest comic book store, or online at Comixology.

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