PT’s Expiring Birthday Night Thread (7/21)

Good evening everyone! Today, unless I’ve done something terribly wrong, is my birthday. I’m firmly on the wrong side of 30 and approaching closer and closer to that scary number that starts with 4.**

This is also my first published thread on the new site! What took me so long you ask? Frankly, laziness. And also the fact there’s hardly any open spots these days! I realized that no one had taken the 7/21 night thread and jumped on the opportunity!

I want nothing really special for my birthday this year, though upvotes are appreciated. I also, like always, want to thank everyone for putting up with my nonsense for the several years (Years? It’s been YEARS?) here at The Avocado. The tokusatsu GIFs, my ranting about video games and selected sports rooting interests, my blatant (positive) bias toward specific posters – I have a theme/type and I appreciate you at least tolerating it.

As always, have a good and safe night thread everyone. Isn’t that right, randomly dancing Go-Buster Ace?


**Yes, I say this despite knowing that a good number of folks here at The Avocado are that age or older. No disrespect. Seriously. šŸ™‚