Comic-Con 2019 Thread: Sunday

It’s the last day of Comic-Con, did you get all of the exclusives you wanted? Did you tell Matt Groening that he is single-handedly responsible for how your life turned out, and while he thought you were blaming him you were actually complimenting him?


Programming Schedule (All times Pacific):

10:00 am – A Tribute to Batton Lash (24ABC). Supernatural Law creator, and Radioactive Man Comics writer Batton Lash isn’t a household name like Stan Lee (who has at least six tribute panels this year), but he was a major fixture on the Comic-Con exhibit floor and a true gentleman of the industry. If you’ve never had a chance to read his work then I highly recommend you do so.

11:45 am – Riverdale (Hall H). Come join the cast and crew of the CW show as they discuss the most recent season of the show and discuss what is coming next.

12:00 pm – Ball-Jointed Doll Collectors (32AB). This is one of those weird panels that they put on every year, and at this point I assume people show up just out of morbid curiosity.

12:00 pm – Teen Titans Go vs. Teen Titans (6BCF). Check out the world premier to the film that stars the cast of both the original Teen Titans show and the new Teen Titans Go series.

1:00 pm – Mayas M.C.  (Hall H). This surprisingly good show is coming back for a second season, so come join the cast and crew as they discuss what Kurt Sutter smells like.

2:15 pm – LEGO Batman: Family Matters (6BCF). Still awake after four days of Comic-Con? Why not sit through the second DC animated film of the day. Don’t worry, the convention is almost over.

3:00 pm – Buffy The Musical: Once More With Feeling (6DE). A Comic-Con tradition, close out the show with a bang as you sing and dance along to one of the finest episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.