Comic-Con 2019 Thread: Saturday

It’s now day 3 folks. We’ve learned a lot of stuff about a lot of really cool things. My favorite was that surprise announcement at that panel yesterday, and of course when that famous person showed up who I wasn’t expecting.

What are you excited for today? Do your feet also feel like they’re going to fall off?


Programming Schedule (All times Pacific):

10:00 am – Infinity Train (Indigo Ballroom). Come check out the brand new show from Cartoon Network about dogs, robots, and puzzles.

11:30 am – Star Trek (Hall H). Discussions of all current Star Trek properties, including Discovery and the upcoming series Lower Decks and Picard.

12:00 pm – The Simpsons (Ballroom 20). 30 years ago the greatest show of all time premiered; dental plan!

12:00 pm – The Good Place (Indigo Ballroom). With the series coming to a close next year, join the cast and creators for a lively Q&A.

12:30 pm – Scooby-Doo (6A). We’ve had Scooby and the gang in our lives for 50 years, so come celebrate his birthday with a bunch of guys you would probably not let your children hang around.

1:00 pm – American Dad! (Ballroom 20). Can we just get Joey Blowey and Dikachu a free pass to see this?

1:15 pm – Westworld (Hall H). Come see and be confused by whatever things the creators have to say about season 3 of the HBO show.

1:40 pm – Family Guy (Ballroom 20). The Fox series is also celebrating its 20th anniversary. Man, a lot of shit came out 20 years ago.

2:30 pm – The Orville (Ballroom 20). I hope Seth MacFarlane is able to get a sandwich at some point during these three panels.

2:45 pm – Sesame Street’s 50th Anniversary (6BCF). Join several puppeteers, their furry cohorts, and Maria herself, Sonia Manzano, as they discuss the shows lasting legacy.

3:00 pm – Snowpiercer (Indigo Ballroom). Hey look, they made a show based on that weird movie about the city on a train. Hey look, it’s Steven Ogg from Grand Theft Auto V!

3:30 pm – Arrow (Ballroom 20). The popular WB show continues to chug along, why not come see what the cast and crew have in store for the new season.

3:30 pm – Rockstar Games (Santa Rosa Room). Rockstar Games is hiring, and they are looking at portfolios and conducting interviews. That’s kind of weird.

4:15 pm – The Man in the High Castle (6A). Come join the cast and crew as they discuss the final season the Amazon show based on the Philip K. Dick short story.

5:15 pm – Hideo Kojima (6BCF). Video game auteur Hideo Kojima will be on hand to discuss his career and his upcoming project Death Stranding. Film director Nicolas Winding Refn will also be there.

5:15 pm – Marvel Studios (Hall H). You’re not getting into this.

5:45 pm – The Flash (Ballroom 20). The Arrow-verse panels continue, I hope you brought a snack.

6:30 pm – What We Do In The Shadows (6BCF). Join the cast of the FX series as they discuss the first season and show off some new footage.

7:00 pm – DC Universe (Indigo Ballroom). Get your first look at the upcoming original series from the new DC Universe streaming service. Shows include Titans, Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn and Young Justice: Outsiders.

7:15 pm – Kevin Smith (Hall H). Comic-Con fixture Kevin Smith is once again giving a talk in Hall H, but this time he’s also got a new movie to promote, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and will be showing the trailer as well as footage from the film within the film, Bluntman V. Chronic.

7:45 pm – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (6BCF). The cast and crew will be there to talk about their move to NBC and what’s next for the Nine-Nine.

9:00 pm – Troma Films (25ABC). Yet another anniversary panel, as Lloyd Kaufman and friends celebrate the 45 year anniversary of the beloved schlock factory that is Troma Films.