Comic-Con 2019 Thread: Thursday

It’s the first (official) day of Comic-Con today! What are you excited for? What news do you hope to hear out of today’s panels? Who would you love to meet and show your screenplay to?


Programming (All times Pacific):

10:30 am – My Hero Academia (6BCF). Watch the voice actors arm wrestle some NFL players.

11:00 am – Terminator: Dark Fate (Hall H). Featuring the cast and creative team, but will Arnold be there?

11:45 am – Gamifying Technology: The Future of Gaming (6BCF). Atari found Nolan Bushnell discusses what he’s up to now, and how we can use things like Alexa to play games.

12:15 pm – Batman Beyond 20th Anniversary (Hall H). Join the voice cast and creative team for a look back on the popular series.

12:30 pm – The Toys That Made Us (6A). Creators of the Netflix docu-series will be on hand to talk about their show and give a sneak-peak at the upcoming season.

12:45 pm – Evil Exclusive Screening (Ballroom 20). As per tradition, CBS brings one of its brand new shows to Ballroom 20 for a sneak-peak screening. This time it is a super natural drama starring Katja Herberts, Mike Colter, Asif Mandvi, and Michael “Ben” Emerson.

1:00 pm – You’re Wrong, Leonard Maltin (6BCF). Film critic Leonard Maltin will discuss his career and allow the audience to challenge his reviews. Don’t agree with his take on Green Lantern? Tell Leonard Maltin he’s wrong!

1:30 pm – Marvel Games Panel (Hall H). Join one of the guys from Kinda Funny as he discusses upcoming Marvel video games, including the new Nintendo/Team Ninja title Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

1:45 pm – SpongeBob’s Big Birthday Blowout (6A). Celebrate SpongeBob’s 20th birthday with the cast and creative team.

2:15 pm – Dragon Ball Z  : 30th Anniversary Panel (6BCF). There will be some voice actors and an NFL player. What’s up with all these NFL players at anime panels?

3:00 pm – Farscape: 20th Anniversary (7AB). So many anniversary panels. We’re getting old.

3:15 pm – Teen Titans Go! (6DE). Cast and crew will show a new episode and answer your stupid questions.

3:30 pm – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Hall H). This show is still on the air?

4:45 pm – Home Movies 20th Anniversay (6BCF). The seminal animated series from Bob’s Burgers creator Loren Bouchard is 20 years old now. If I, could save time, in a bottle

5:30 pm – Superstore (Indigo Ballroom). The hit NBC comedy brings cast and crew to do some Q&A.

6:45 pm – Spotlight on Frank Miller (6A). Comic book writer/artist Frank Miller will be on hand to talk about his career and is totally interested in how The Dark Knight changed your life and inspired you to be a comic book writer.

6:45 pm – Crank Yankers (Indigo Ballroom). Hey look, Crank Yankers is back.

7:15 pm – Celebrating 40 Years of Alien (6BCF). Screenwriter Dan O’Bannon will be on hand to discuss the film.

8:00 pm – ROBOTECH (5AB). Harmony Gold will once again give their annual bullshit pitch about why they should still control the Macross Saga in the United States, and give empty promises about some new movie, or show, or toy line, that will never see the light of day.