Shoeless Trivia: Enclaves

enclave (n): A political, cultural or social entity or part thereof that is completely surrounded by another

  1. What is the only country to completely surround two separate independent states?
  2. The image below is a mathematical representation of the bridges of an old Prussian city that is now the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. What is the former name of that city?enclaves1
  3. What is the spicy capital city of the overseas department of France known as French Guiana?
  4. Nakhchivan, which borders Turkey, Armenia, and Iran, is a disconnected enclave (exclave) of what country?
  5. The Northwest Angle is a 123 square mile region in Minnesota that is separated from the rest of the state by Lake of the Woods. The only land access to the Angle is through which Canadian province?

  1. Italy
  2. Königsberg
  3. Cayenne
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Manitoba