american dad

“Hamerican Dad!” American Dad S16E14

Stan reluctantly invites Roger into his ham club. Francine decides to scare Greg.

Ham Club? WTF?!?!    Well this is American Dad so let’s just go with it.                                 A member of the Ham Club dies,  and Stan can move up the ladder and of course Roger wants in.  But Stan is reluctant on letting him join.


Stan – “You’re not a good fit. … Also you have a tendency to ruin all my things”                      Roger – “I ruin everyone’s things.  That’s my thing! And now you’ve ruined it”                        (cries, runs away)

Also Klaus is Stan’s valet?ad2.png

Stan – ” I know I don’t say it enough, but you’re a hell of a valet”                                                Klaus – ” Don’t mention it Stan.  The way you shit on me in front of everyone and pretend we don’t have this special connection is thank you enough”

At first Roger flubs the Ham Club interview but of course sings his way into becoming a member with a Chicago rendition of “All That Ham”


Of course Roger becomes a hit at the club and of course Stan is not happy about it.      “Hey check it out! Meat Curtains”


Roger hijacks the meaning of Ham Club and takes the crew to Six Flags.   Stan and Roger come up with Ham Poetry because why not?

Stan – “I like to eat my ham, it makes me feel like shmam.  Have you seen the movie ‘Kazaam’? But back to ham.  Did you know that an imam who leads prayers in a mosque?  What if you pronounced imam ‘i-mam’?  Would that make you think of ham?  My name is Stan.  Ham”

“What kind of dill bag writes a poem?”   “The poem sucked”   Roger becomes the new ham carver, the position Stan wanted all along.


Stan sabotages Roger’s first ham bake and the club gets poisoned.   They take the club up to Roger’s house in Maine to heal them.  Roger has a house in Maine?!?!?!  Anyway, Stan admits to Roger that he poisoned the ham.  Roger also poisoned the “redemption ham”.  It’s poisoned hams all the way down.  Roger also poisons their water as well.


Stan and Roger of course make up by the end with their mutual poisoning of the Ham Club which they keep on doing because they are having so much fun spending time together.


Meanwhile over in the B-Plot,  Francine , Steven, Haley and Klaus decide to scare Greg (the Egg) because none of them have ever seen him scared.



Francine doesn’t scare Greg with the axe, but instead gets hit by a truck and scares Greg because “we didn’t think you’d make it. You scared me terribly”


American Dad has had some really absurd plots before, but this Ham Club really takes the cake.  Some laughs, but not really a good episode overall.

Grade C+