The Thursday Politics Thread Somehow Makes It Worse

Morning Politocadoes!

Embattled Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta held a press conference on Wednesday in an attempt to defend his actions regarding his handling of one Jeffrey Epstein. The press conference was completely bizarre. His justifications were mostly specious if not completely delusional. He claimed 2007 was a different time, that somehow these sorts of prosecutions would be handled differently in, I guess?, what must be an oblique reference to MeToo? He also claimed that the reason he brokered the non-prosecution deal with Epstein in the first place was because the State DA’s office was somehow not going to be able to prosecute a winnable case. Incidentally, that State DA Barry Krischer was actually watching the press conference and issued a vituperative response that emphatically stated that Acosta’s recollection were completely wrong. In short, aigEz6YBLB03lkSgTE2WSIM7RB0=.gif

Elsewhere, in another case being filed against the President for sexual misconduct Johnson v Trump, a new court filing showing that video exists of then-candidate Trump forcibly kissing the Plaintiff, Alva Johnson in a campaign RV in August 2016.

I mean, at this point, it’s just infuriating that the country has become inured to this. The President’s a sex criminal in addition to the other types of criminal and that’s basically just fine? I’m getting really tired of finding all of the different ways I know he is, by several orders of magnitude, woefully unqualified to be in any type of leadership position. And that goes for his shadowy cabinet of chucklefucks, zealots, and various types of sleeze too. Impeachment Hearings for the lot of them. I know people say that there is no point if you can’t the Senate on board. But at least part of the point is to expose and investigate further. If this press conference does what I think it will and Acosta ends up having to resign I think that shows the power that public scutiny can still have. Acosta’s BS was never questioned seriously until now and he folded like an origami crane.

It’s either that or riot. Smash.

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