The Avocado

Ghost In The Machine: Avocado-Inspired Fiction

Hey, Avocadians! I would love your input on a story I just wrote. It’s a bit unusual in its form. Let me explain.

My friend on the writing site I frequent is running a contest, and it’s all about using different forms of fiction other than the standard short story. The three choices she gave entrants are correspondence (letters or emails), an article (printed or online), or a forum thread.

Naturally, with you people as inspiration, you can guess which form I chose.

Before you jump down to the link and go to the story itself, let me explain a couple of things. First and foremost: I did not base any of the characters on anyone here. Let me repeat that, loudly: I DID NOT BASE ANY OF THE CHARACTERS ON ANYONE HERE. I don’t want anyone getting paranoid about something they read, thinking that I’m talking about them when I’m not. I don’t know most of you well enough to use you in my fiction, anyway. The closest I came with a character was being inspired with a name. You’ll probably know which one; she’s a pretty good writer herself. But apart from that, I did sneak in a reference to you lovely peeps. You’ll see it pretty quickly if you click.

The story itself is sci-fi, based loosely on the Police album Ghost In The Machine. I’d planned to enter another contest which would’ve involved writing a short story for every song on the album. I ended up not doing it, but I kept the main plot and used it here. I’ve also thrown in a lot of my thoughts on the current political situation in a not-so-subtle fashion.

I hope you enjoy it. I don’t think you can leave reviews on the site without signing up for an account (although it is free, if you choose to), but if you’d like to leave a comment below, be my guest. Please spoiler any plot reveals (I like to think there are a couple, ahem). And PLEASE, if I fucked up the formatting, let me know. I’ve proofed it a few times, but it was a bitch to get right.

Thanks again for listening. And thanks for the inspiration. All of you.