“An Irish Goodbye ” American Dad! S16E11

“Oh God, it’s one of the ones where they’re friends.”  Hayley is only partially right.  It’s also one of those (episodes) where Hayley and Francine actually hang out together.  In either case, hilarity ensues in this outing

Jeff and Stan are playing “Davy Crockett”, where apparently murdering bears are an essential part of that.   “I’m Davy, he’s Crockett”.   We also learn about Francine’s PBS ‘bang list’.  “That guy in the trash can, he’s pretty hot”.

Anyhoo,  Stan and Jeff play their game , Jeff gets sprayed by a skunk (off screen) after tickling it for  five seconds.  Hayley gets upset and has to wash him in the kiddie pool.



Francine decides to go to Costco but takes off in an Airport shuttle.  Hayley is curious and follows her.   We learn that Francine goes to the Airport bar to relax and unwind.  Hayley finds out and fun stuff commences.

Francine offers somewhat decent advice on how to unwind and deal with their insufferable husbands.  Fighting apparently is one way to relax.



Hayley takes this unwinding part a bit too far, because of course she does


Hayley takes it even further by flying to Ireland as she thinks being married to Jeff is too damned hard.

Also in this episode, ROGU!!!!  Lots of Rogu!


“Klaus loser”


“You got Rogu-ed”


“Rogu love desert, remember the ala-mode?”


Francine finally figures out that all Hayley has to do to unwind is just tell Jeff what to do.


All’s well that ends well?  Hey, there’s Steve

“Rogu going to hell, but he not going alone”


I really enjoyed this one.  Both stories were really solid with plenty of laughs

Stray Observations

  • Francine – Mmmm MMM! You know that Fred Rogers can get down.  He can take his shoes off and keep going”….”Fine, who’s at the top of your PBS bang list”?


  • Hayley – ” I owe you a Matchbox car
  • Jeff – “I like Hot Wheels!  How many times do I have to tell you?!?!?”


  • Hayley – “Jeff, your in charge of cleaning your own privates.
  • Jeff -” That’s too much responsibility!”


Grade: A-