Werewolves 94: Unit: Requiem Of The Daleks Part 8

Nurse Flapjacks The III and Two Fashion Robots were walking close at hand they wept like anything to see such quantities of corpses; “If this were only cleared away,” They said, “it would be grand!” “If seven Agents with seven mops swept it for half a year. Do you suppose,” Flapjacks said, “that they could get it clear?” “Not with those shoes honey.” said a Robot who shed a bitter tear.

“O Osgoods come and walk with us!” Said a menacing group of three. “A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk along the Briny beach!”

“The Time has come,” a robot said, “To talk of many things: of shoes and shorts and sealant-wax Of Daleks and Kings and why the air is boiling hot and whether cats have wings.”

“But wait a bit!” The odd three cried, “before we have our chat; for some of us are out of breath and all of us bring death!”

Josephus Brown: Two Fashion Robots and Lindsay Gay Disaster: Nurse Flapjacks The Third Are Dead. They were the Osgoods (Town siblings)

Welcome to Part 8 of UNIT Requiem Of The Daleks!

2 U.N.I.T. Agents with

4 Vanilla Agents

1 Surveillance Officer (Investigator)

1 Medic

2 Osgoods

1 Internal Affairs Agent (Jailer)

2 Dalek controlled Robomen: with

2 Vanilla Daleks

1 Dalek Time Controller (Wolf Roleblocker)

1 The Master (Serial Killer)

1 Omega (New Serial Killer)

The Players! (That’s you!)

  1. Maccrocodile: Madame Vastra
  2. Sister Jude: Bill Potts
  3. Sheltie: Clarence Bodicker
  4. Sic: Desmond Hume
  5. Goat: An Alien Werewolf
  6. Lamb Dance: Jo Grant
  7. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts: Doctor Liz Shaw
  8. Hoho: Sonic Opossum
  9. Mr.Plow99: OodPlow
  10. Josephus Brown: Two Fashion Robots
  11. LouieBB: Inspector Space-Time
  12. ForgetitJake: Amanda The Scarf
  13. Otternomike:
  14. River Song: River Song
  15. Ralph: Captain Of Outer Space
  16. April: Drax
  17. Cop On The Edge(ish): Rory The Roman
  18. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa: Bender Bending Rodriguez
  19. Lindsay Gay Disaster: Nurse Flapjacks The Third
  20. Donalbain:
  21. Indy: K9

Part 8 Begins Now Friday, June 21, 2019 Part 8 Ends Saturday, June 21st at Noon Pacific/3 Eastern

BONUS: Here is a Doctor Who Spotify Playlist I made a while back. I’ll share it with you all for being so cool and for playing this silly game with me!