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The Thursday Politics Thread Doesn’t Have To Answer That

Morning Politocadoes!

Well, the testimonies on Capitol Hill seem to be going as well as expected. Hope Hicks, somehow former Communications Director for the White House and Regina George All Grown Up, spoke before the House Committee on, well, nothing. She said nothing of substance whatsoever. She didn’t even answer a question on where her office was physically located in the White House. The White House claimed that she had some form of immunity to these sorts of questions. Not executive privilege, no. Just a general sort of immunity from discussing goings on in the White House for Ex-staffers. Some call it the ‘Don’t Snitch’ Immunity.

So that’s all going well. Sure would be nice if we started some impeachment proceedings or something. Or put people in jail for contempt, or fined their contemptuous asses but what do I know?

Felix Sater is set to testify before House Intelligence on Friday, but who knows at this point what will happen.

Meanwhile! Deutsche Banke is being criminally investigated for money laundering lapses, including the handling of Suspicious Activities Reports regarding the company of who? Why, yes! It’s Jared Kushner, Boy Adventurer! That eggheaded pisser at the heart of one of the Big Apple’s biggest and best real estate companies! Wowie zowie those deep state so-and-so’s think they got the kid PINNED.

Also meanwhile! The US Senate confirmed judicial nominee Matthew Kaczmaryk to a federal judgeship. He is known for his virulently anti-trans and homophobic views. All Senate Democrats voted against his nomination as did Susan Collins (she does not get a cookie for this) while all present Republicans voted yes.

Welcome to Thursday! Please be excellent to each other! The Mayor McSquirrel Rule is in effect because we’re better than him. If you notice a news item being posted too often, alert a mod so it can be pinned to the top of the thread.