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The Weekend Politics Thread Isn’t Taking Any Questions

With Sarah Huckabee Sanders on her way out the door, there’s no one minding the store at the old White House Press Briefing room! She hasn’t held a press briefing in 90-something days anyway, but hey, let’s try to help. We’ll look at some questions about ongoing news that a hypothetical new Press Secretary might receive, and we’ll supply answers consistent with the White House’s established style.

Reporter: “The Office of Special Counsel has recommended that Kellyanne Conway be removed from government service for repeatedly violating the Hatch Act. Will the White House take any action?”

Trump says he won’t fire Kellyanne Conway over Hatch Act violations

Future White House Press Secretary:

Reporter: “Is it true that the White House has been conducting internal polling that shows the President is vulnerable in the 2020 election? Because we’ve seen it.”

President Trump’s internal polling data from March showed him far behind Joe Biden in key battleground states

Future White House Press Secretary:

Reporter: “By stating that he would accept negative information about his 2020 opponent from foreign governments without reporting it to the FBI, isn’t the President betraying the United States?”

Trump to America: Who’s Going to Stop Me?

Future White House Press Secretary:

Bonus answer:

So, glad we could clear all that up! Anyway, let’s keep the thread free of threats against any person or squirrel.