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The Thursday Politics Wouldn’t Call The FBI

Morning Politocadoes!

The President told George Stephanopoulos that he wouldn’t alert the FBI if a foreign country  offered him dirt on his opponent in the presidential election. He went on to say that there’s nothing wrong with it, when you’re a celebrity president they let you do it, that everybody does it and hey, what business is it of yours why don’t you shut your mouth this ain’t got nothing to do with anything what are you a Rat.

Yes, crime president just openly waving around his criminal nature for all the public to see. Couple this with AG Barr’s…let’s say hesitance in regard to the same subject and the repeated stonewalling efforts from Mitch McConnell in the Senate that prevents any meaningful steps be taken to secure the 2020 elections from foreign interference and you might say that we’re in quite the sticky wicket.

If Congress doesn’t act now, assuming we even still have elections down the road, this position will provide ground for future presidents and congressmen to have foreign adversaries launch covert operations against political rivals.


Rallies will be held across the country this weekend to demand that Congress begin impeachment proceedings. Check to see if there’s one near you here.


Meanwhile, Hope Hicks has finally decided to comply with the subpoena issued by House Oversight, presumably because there’s no eye cover-up in the pokey.

Fredo spoke to the Senate behind closed doors. I’m sure his testimony was thoughtful, articulate and totally exonerated him from his bumbling attempts at espionage.

Lastly, Jessica Biel went to talk to politicians about her distrust of vaccinations and thus has fulfilled her destiny of eternal enmity with the Avocado.

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