Comic Book Review – Daredevil #4

Daredevil #4

Writer – Chip Zdarsky

Artist – Marco Checchetto

Recap – “Daredevil is wanted for murder. Detective Cole North, a tough-as-nails transplant from Chicago, has been tasked with bringing the Kitchen’s Guardian Devil in. Determined to prove his innocence, Daredevil revisited the scene of the homicide, only to come face-to-face with Detective North. After a scuffle in the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil was beaten, cuffed and under arrest…until the Punisher showed up.”

Because of Cole’s recklessness last issue, all available police officers are on the hunt for Daredevil. Cut to the Punisher’s hideout as Matt awakens to find himself restrained to a gurney. Frank Castle is very proud of Daredevil for finally crossing the line into murderous vigilante. As Matt tries to tell Frank the truth about what happened that fateful night, the Punisher begins beating information out of a low-level thug. The unnamed man supposedly works for the Owl but has no information on a possible drug shipment coming into New York. Frank pulls a gun on the thug, but Daredevil pleads to Frank to let him go. Frank obliges Matt’s request but as soon as the thug is free, he grabs a shotgun and points it at Frank. Frank shoots the thug in the head.

Matt frees himself from the gurney. Matt ducks and hides as the Punisher opens fire on Daredevil. Frank taunts Matt by saying he’s a good guy but a selfish one, a good guy who just does enough to feel like a good guy. Matt grabs a gun and shoots Frank to incapacitate, but not kill him, as Frank is protected by his Kevlar vest. Matt tells Frank how much carnage he is capable of if he could unleash his rage on the world of bad guys with a gun. Matt calls Frank amateur hour and a demon but Matt’s the Devil. Matt shoots at a Texmoblast Dynamite Cartridge causing an explosion that travels throughout the hideout. Daredevil’s heightened sense of hearing momentarily fazes him as Frank lunges at Matt. As the two men scuffle, Frank says it would be worth knowing what Matt would become if he gave into his killer instinct, probably a deadlier vigilante than the Punisher. Matt defeats Frank in hand to hand combat. As Daredevil carries Frank out of the hideout, Matt finally admits to himself he is responsible for the criminal’s murder and decides to repent by being better and proving to himself he can overcome this mistake and not let it weigh on his conscience anymore.

Meanwhile, Wilson Fisk calls Detective North and tells him that any negative press about his fight with Daredevil will be swept under the rug. Fisk even offers North a commendation he will present to the detective personally, but North hangs up the phone on the Mayor.

As two police officers leave a diner, they find a tied-up Punisher on the hood of their police vehicle. They draw their guns and try to find out who left him there. Daredevil, seen in the Punisher’s Kevlar vest, decides to go after the Owl and bring him to justice.

This issue of Daredevil may not have a lot of action in it compared to previous installments, but the interaction between Frank and Matt this issue makes up for it. Both men have been protecting New York City with their own style of vigilantism over the years. Frank thinks he has a new ally with his war on crime, but he is sadly mistaken by the end of the issue. I’m hoping that Frank and Matt will cross paths again in a future issue because Matt is dead to rights after handing Frank over to the police. The Punisher’s revenge will be swift and comprehensive.

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