The Language Thread Says Hello!

As the previous editions of the Avocado Census have shown, many of us here speak languages other than English.  This thread is a new space to connect with others in whichever language you like.  Here’s how it will work:

  • Check the existing posts to see if anyone has started a subthread in your language of choice yet.
  • Post a top-level comment with the name of the language you want to use in both English and the language itself (i.e Spanish/Español).
  • Reply to this comment to start the discussion.
  • There will also be an English subthread for any general discussions about language or commentary on the thread’s topic.

Please be respectful with corrections/feedback on others’ language usage, and in your conversations in general.

Optional discussion topic: Since this is our first time trying this out, introduce yourself in whichever language you like, and tell us about how you came to speak it – did you grow up speaking it at home? Take classes in it? Travel abroad and pick it up there?  How do you usually practice it outside of here?