A.P. Bio – Season 2, Episodes 10 & 11: “Handcuffed” & “Spectacle”

Well, as you all may or may not have heard, A.P. Bio has been cancelled. It’s final two episodes will air this Thursday, June 13th. Seeing this show leave us is sad, but not entirely unexpected. It’s always been a little too cold-hearted and caustic to be a traditional mass-appeal sitcom, but a little too behold to traditional sitcom lesson-learning to become a critical darling, so it’s never quite found its audience, despite having some of the best comedic performances on TV (I dearly hope both Paula Pell and Allisyn Ashley Arm find more work after this).

Still, before the end comes, we’ve got two other episodes that are worth discussing. They are:

This episode is absolutely made by Mary’s “scuzz” boyfriend. He’s a fascinating creation, feeling at once like an utterly unique character, but also like someone who not only could exist in real life, but probably does. Creating this sort of uniquely but believably terrible person: that’s the comedy Holy Grail.

Everything Jack’s class does for the school talent show is pure gold, both Caleb’s pregnant prostitute play (which is reminding me of the elementary school production of “New Warden” from Arrested Development) and Jack’s “EDM Candy Dance Spectacular Samurai Explosion”. My favorite bit is how, when writing down every possible crowd pleasing idea on the blackboard, he inexplicably includes a drawing of the JFK assassination. Outside of Jack’s class, I could have done without the handbell subplot, but Ralph and Helen as hosts was just adorable.