To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E09: “Second Sight”

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Sisko updates his personal log to tell us that he’s been having trouble sleeping the last few nights because it’s the fourth anniversary of the massacre at Wolf 359 – when his wife died. He’s not sure if he’s more bothered by the date or the fact that he barely noticed it.

He’s playing chess with himself when Jake comes in from the other room, sleepy, and wondering why Sisko is awake. Jake says he’s awake because he had a bad dream. Sisko encourages him to talk about it, but Jake declines. He sits on the couch with his dad.


Jake seems to be wearing a baggy sweat suit to sleep, but with a weird stripe across the top. It looks really big on him, but maybe just because he normally wears more form-fitting clothes.

Jake says the dream is stupid. Sisko says if he talks about it, it’ll go away faster. Jake agrees, after making his dad promise not to laugh. Jake says he was on the station somewhere and trying to get home but couldn’t find his way and the halls kept changing. He got scared and started looking for his dad but couldn’t find him and he wasn’t in his office. And then the floor started sloping. He sounds kind of upset and then they each say they love the other.

Jake says he has a test in the morning and should sleep, so he goes back to bed. Before leaving he says he misses her, and Sisko agrees.

The promenade is quiet. Sisko goes for a walk. He stops by a big window and looks at the sky. A random woman in a red dress stops and says the stars are beautiful. Sisko talks about the constellations outside. They discuss one called “The Runners.”


This is a sexy top if I’ve ever seen one.

Sisko introduces himself. She says her name is Fenna. She apologizes for bothering him. He says she’s not bothering him.


I assumed it was a dress, but, based on this shot, it looks more like the sort of outfit Mrs. Vaatrik was wearing at the beginning of the last episode, a one piece outfit with a kind of cape behind her. Hard to tell in the dark.

She says his job must be exciting. He says he likes the quiet moments. She says it’s because you can feel anticipation in the air, and he agrees. He says one of the great things is you never know what will happen next or who you’ll meet. She says she likes it there and wishes she could stay longer. He asks where she’s going. She says she’s not sure.

He offers to show her around the station, but she’s gone already, and he can see no trace of her.



O’Brien is working. Sisko asks if it’s maintenance or repair, and he says maintenance, but thinks it’ll be a repair by the time he’s through. They joke about how he likes to work.

He cheerfully says good morning to Kira and gets a drink. She’s quiet and he senses something is bothering her, so she admits it’s weird he’s drinking tea instead of raktajino. He’s not sure. He says he was in the mood for something different. She clarifies that he can drink what he wants. He says he appreciates the support.

Dax calls and says she’s in the science lab with Professor Seyetik if he’d like to meet him. Sisko heads out.

Dax is alone in the lab so Sisko asks where their guest is. Inside the flux generator. Sisko says he could be killed, and Dax says she told him that but he didn’t listen. She asks if he’s ever met a terraformer. No. You can’t tell a terraformer anything.

They look inside a thing with flashing lights where the professor is working. After a minute, he comes out wearing a hazmat suit. He tells Dax his work should increase her generator output, and then introduces himself to Sisko as Gideon Seyetik.


I have to assume this is some sort of safety outfit, because otherwise I can’t believe that anyone would wear this outside of a pajama party. It looks like it might be quilted, and reminds me of a mattress.

Sisko says he’s a great admirer of his work. Seyetik jokes that they’ll get along fabulously since he has great taste. Sisko says he and Jake visited Blue Horizon, which apparently he created. They missed DaVinci falls, though, which Seyetik says is its best feature, and poetically describes their majesty. They agree they may have to go back, perhaps together.

But first, Epsilon 119. Apparently they’re going to reignite a dead sun and bring new life to a solar system. Seyetik is optimistic. Dax is more pragmatic. Seyetik thinks it’ll be his crowning achievement to give birth to a star.

Dax and Sisko are eating at Quark’s. She is eating up, saying she is going to need all the calories she can get to keep up with Seyetik.


I can’t tell what she’s eating, but her drink is very pink.

Sisko seems distracted; she asks if he’s looking for someone. He snaps back and asks what she was saying, but rather than pursue it she changes the subject and says that she needs to go talk to O’Brien about boosting the speed on Seyetik’s ship, so they can outrun an exploding star if they need to.


Finishing his own meal, Sisko leaves and walks across the promenade again to look out at the stars. He turns around and finds Fenna standing there. She says she was hoping to see him again, he says he was just thinking about her. She says she’s also been thinking about him.


She’s got sort of a sheer drape over her shoulders, which would otherwise be really bare. And she’s obviously not human, as her ears are abnormal, but I like the look, and the earrings.

Meanwhile, the poor woman in the background is wearing some sort of belted red thing over a bright pink thing, and does not look nearly as sexy.

He asks where she went the night before, and she apologizes, saying that she had to leave but she’s sorry to have rushed off. She asks if his invitation stands to give her a tour of the station. He agrees. She wants to see everything. He says this will take time. She doesn’t mind.

They walk off arm in arm.

At another location, Sisko asks if she enjoys the view. She does. She says they should have brought a picnic basket. They’re in one of the upper arms of the station, looking down at it from above.

He says there’s always tomorrow. Was that an invitation? Yes. There’s lots more to see.

They do a lot of flirting. He says she always says exactly the right thing.

He says he wants to hear all about her. She says there’s not much to tell, and then that she can’t tell him. Why? She apologizes and says she has to go, and then runs out to the turbolift and leaves before he can convince her otherwise.


Maybe the dress part is sheer and she’s wearing harem pants underneath? Hard to tell.


Jake and Sisko are having food together, and Jake tells some story about a classmate who threw up on the table. Sisko isn’t listening, and says he was thinking about something else.

Jake asks if he’s in love with a woman, as he’s showing all three of the signs that Nog told him about: loss of appetite, daydreaming, smiling all the time. He’s been talking to Nog about women, Sisko says skeptically. Jake clarifies that he just wants him to know that if he’s in love it’s okay with him. Sisko says thanks.

Jake has this expression:


I hate most of Jake’s jumpsuits, but this dark green one is not too bad. I can’t decide whether this is a better look than the too-big pajamas he had on earlier.

Jake asks what she’s like and Sisko says “interesting.” Jake asks when he’ll get to meet her. Sisko says it’s a bit early for that. Jake says why, she likes you too, right? Sisko agrees. So what’s the problem?

Sisko hesitates and then says she keeps disappearing. Jake says nothing, just drinks his juice.

Odo is giving instructions to his security people about a guy who might be en route to the station named Villus Thed. He wants to know when he arrives and keep him under surveillance, but he’s a short-range telepath, so they need to stay five meters away. They leave, and Sisko comes in.

Sisko wants to ask a personal favor. He says he’s looking for a woman, Fenna. Species? He doesn’t know. What ship did she come in on? He doesn’t know. Well, Odo says, what can you tell me about her.

Sisko gives a description of her and says she was wearing red. Odo doesn’t know if he can find her. Sisko says he thinks she’s in trouble, but he doesn’t know what kind. Odo says he’ll do what he can. Sisko says he appreciates it and heads out, leaving Odo to shake his head.

In Ops, Dax asks Sisko if they can talk. They go into his office. She says she was hoping he’d have something to tell him.

She says she saw him with the woman the night before. He says there’s nothing to talk about.

She says that he used to tell Curzon everything. Not everything, he says. You know what I mean, she says, and then wonders if it’s because she’s a woman now. He laughs and says that has nothing to do with it.

He says he’ll tell her what’s going on when there’s something to tell.


Sisko updates his log to say that Professor Seyetik to invited the senior staff to dinner aboard his ship, the Prometheus. They all drink and laugh about how he’s a raging egomaniac.


I’m gonna need a minute here to unpack his outfit. While watching, I got the distinct impression that he was playing the part of scholarly professor with sweater and ascot. The triangle pattern on his chest reminds me of an argyle sweater, and the red piping down the chest give the impression of a jacket open that way. There’s a darker triangle-type shape beneath his chin that reminds me of an ascot. But of course the whole thing is brightly colored, to fit his personality.

He also explains the plan for reigniting the sun. Use a remote shuttle pod to deliver proto matter to the star. Dax says if it doesn’t work it’ll be the last thing they ever see. He says not to be so pessimistic – nothing good was ever created by a pessimist. Sisko disagrees, citing a few examples. Seyetik says their work is dismal and dark, and art should be a celebration of life.

Bashir says he saw an exhibit of his paintings once and they were memorable and huge canvases. He says no one accused him of understatement. Dax makes a comment about his autobiography – nine volumes and counting! He wanted to write as many books as he’s had marriages, which reminds him, wait until they taste the food his wife has created. Every dish created by Nidell’s own sweet hands.

He heads out to go and meet her.

Kira asks Sisko if Seyetik will notice if they’re not there when he returns? Sisko says he’s had dinners with many Bajoran ministers an so she owes him this one. Bashir says he finds him entertaining.

Seyetik comes back and introduces his wife, Nidell, who looks remarkably like the woman Sisko’s been talking to.


Dax tells Sisko that now they have something to talk about.

They’ve all finished dinner. O’Brien says he’d like the recipe. Nidell says that it’s her husband’s creation. He goes on for some time about the right way to sear the roots and the precise temperature to cook them at.

Sisko whispers to Dax that Nidell acts like she doesn’t recognize him. Dax asks if it’s the same woman. She looks the same, Sisko says.

Nidell seems bored by her husband’s bloviating on the recipe.

They all get up and head into the other room, except Sisko, who stays behind to talk to Nidell. He says it would be easier if she told him she was married. She says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about and she’s never met him before.


There are no good full-length shots of Nidell’s outfit, but it’s a floor length dress, in layers of pink and gray, with a dark sash over one shoulder. Like Fenna, she wears dramatic earrings, but her hair is neatly pulled back instead of in a more dramatic and wild updo.

He says he supposes she never told him that her name was Fenna, which does give her pause. He asks if she’d like to talk about it. She says he’s mistaken her for someone else. He agrees, and leaves the dining room.

Later, Sisko tells Dax that he could have sworn she was the same woman. Dax says maybe he needs to talk to her when her husband isn’t around. He protests that she is married, and Dax says this would never have stopped Curzon. Sisko says that this was the first time since Jennifer’s death he felt drawn to someone.

Odo comes in and wants a word. He says he’s checked the docking and transporter logs for the week and there’s no record of anyone matching the description. He says he’s found the woman, so Odo can call off the search.

Odo asks for details, and Sisko says that she was on the Prometheus. Odo is surprised and says that no one has left the Prometheus except the professor while it’s been in the station.


Quark brings Sisko a drink. He guesses that Sisko has been stood up and offers to go to the bar and talk about women. Sisko declines and leaves, also ignoring Quark’s reminder that the holosuites are always open.


Quark is wearing his darker paisley jacket, which I don’t think we’ve seen in a few episodes.

Sisko starts to go home and Fenna comes up to greet him. He is cold and hesitant, and she is confused.

He says that he had dinner with someone who looks exactly like her. She’s confused. He asks her if she is really Nidell, the wife of Gideon Seyetik? She says no, she’s Fenna and he knows that.

He doesn’t know what he knows. He asks if she has a twin, and she says not that she knows of. He says he needs to know where she came from and what she’s doing on the station. Does that matter? Of course! He needs to know who she is.

She says he does know. When she came there she thought she was looking for a place but really she was looking for a person – for him. They kiss. Then she stands up, glows, and vanishes.


O’Brien is working on the Promethus and says that they’ll be able to get the engines to Warp 9.6. They’re discussing this when Seyetik comes in and asks her to hurry, reminding her that some of them have only one lifetime.


Seyetik is wearing a similar outfit to the one at dinner earlier. Now the outer layer is replaced with one that is a slightly different blue pattern, reminiscent, perhaps, of clouds.

She says she’s coming. O’Brien says good luck, and leaves.

Sisko has come on board and says he’s going to come along. He thinks the key to Fenna’s disappearance might be on the ship. Dax is skeptical but doesn’t disagree with him.


On the bridge of the Prometheus, Dax talks with a Starfleet officer about the ship, which seems to be crewed by other Starfleet personnel.

Seyetik and Sisko come in on the tail end of a bragging story by Seyetik, and Seyetik asks the Starfleet dude, whom he identifies as Piersall, how they’re doing. He says they’ll do preliminary scans in a few hours. Seyetik says to let him know when they get there.

Sisko says he must be eager to get started on his crowning achievement. Seyetik says his whole life has been an escalating series of triumphs. He quotes some Klingon poetry to that effect.

He tells how he met Nidell, the daughter of a local dignitary on a planet he terraformed. She was utterly smitten with him, perhaps because they first met in the midst of parades and statue unveilings in his honor. He could tell she was something special. She’d never been off-world before that and he promised to show her the galaxy.

Sisko says she must love him very much. He agrees, though he doesn’t know why.


Sisko passes through a door into his quarters and finds Fenna. He calls Dax at once. She seems unconcerned by their last parting. She says she’s never going to leave him again. He says he wishes he could believe that.

Dax comes in and Sisko introduces them. She takes out a tricorder and starts to scan. There’s no cellular structure or DNA patterns – she’s pure energy. Fenna is confused and asks what she’s talking about. He says it’s time they find out.


Fenna has some long hair. Wow. Was not expecting it to fall behind her as well, assumed it was all piled up top.

Meanwhile, in another room, Nidell is sleeping and Seyetik is alarmed because she won’t wake up. Sisko, Dax, and Fenna come in.


I’m not sure the purpose for the chair Nidell is sleeping on. I guess it’s like a chaise lounge, and she laid down to take a nap or something?

Again, she’s dressed modestly, in a long dress with long sleeves. I like the color of this one.

Meanwhile, I think I finally understand Fenna’s outfit. It’s a one-piece outfit with harem pants on the bottom and a fancy, sexy top, and then a sheer kind of cape thing that drapes over her shoulders and not only flows behind her (like a cape) but also drapes a bit over the front.

Dax reads that she’s in shock, her blood pressure is falling, and she’s basically dying. Seyetik says she has to do something. Dax isn’t sure that she can.

Seyetik sees Fenna, and rather than being astonished that an intruder who looks like his dying wife is on the ship, he says, “Fenna! I should have known!”

Seyetik says that she can’t be there, Nidell promised she’d never come back. Fenna says that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He says to look at Nidell.

She walks over and looks closely at Nidell, and sees that they look the same. Seyetik says of course she does, she is you, the real you!

Sisko demands an explanation.

Seyetik says that Fenna isn’t real, she’s an illusion created by Nidell’s unconscious mind. Fenna says it’s not true and pleads with Sisko to defend her.

Seyetik says that Nidell is a psychoprojective telepath, and Fenna is one of her projections. Sisko turns to Dax for an explanation. Dax says Nidell’s occipital lobe is giving off enormous amounts of energy and she doesn’t see how she could survive more than an hour or two like this.

Seyetik angrily demands that she do something. Sisko starts to take Fenna to his quarters, and Dax as well. Seyetik runs at them and Sisko blocks him. Fenna doesn’t want to leave him, but he convinces her to go with Dax.

He then tells Sisko he needs to know why Nidell’s abilities are killing her. Seyetik sits down at a table. He says Nidell doesn’t know this is happening. In times of deep emotional distress, Halanans sometimes lose control of their abilities. She’s very emotionally distraught.


It happened years before and nearly killed her then, but she swore it wouldn’t happen again. He says that he tends to evoke strong emotions in people around him, especially his wives. They all start out loving him but a few years of togetherness cure them. The others all had the sense to leave him.

Why can’t Nidell? Halanans mate for life. She can’t leave him no matter how much she might want to. He looks pained.


Fenna tells Sisko that she’s never seen Seyetik or his wife before, and she’s real, those are all lies. He says he wants to believe her, but can she tell him a memory from her past, or how she got to the station? She says she’s scared.

He says that Nidell is dying, and only has a few hours. What happens to Fenna if she dies? She won’t exist. Give Nidell back the life she gave to Fenna. She doesn’t know how. He says she can go back to her – he’s seen her do it three times.

She says if Nidell lives, she dies, and everything they have together dies with her. Sisko says that what they have is a dream – he wouldn’t trade it, but it’s a dream – Nidell’s dream. Fenna says she loves him and always will. They kiss again.


Yep, definitely a form-fitting type thing underneath the sheer cape.

Sisko calls and says he should come to the bridge. It’s Seyetik. He’s launched the shuttle pod, but it’s not remotely piloted, he’s on board!

At the bridge, Seyetik comes up on screen. Piersall tells him he’ll be killed – what is he doing? Seyetik says he’s making history and they might want to record it. Dax reports he’s 60 seconds from impact.

Sisko comes in and says Seyetik doesn’t need to do this – they’ve found a way to save Nidell. He says he figured Sisko would, but this is the only way he can really set her free and he owes her that. This will actually be his crowning achievement.


Sisko tries to give him an order to turn around. He tries to tell them to engage the tractor beam, but Piersall says Seyetik disabled it before leaving. Seyetik tells Sisko there will be a case in his personal belongings he wants Sisko to find. His obituary. He wrote it himself. He laughs and asks that it’s sent to the Daystrom Institute for publication. But he didn’t get a chance to update it: let the record state he sacrificed himself on the altar of science.

He tells Sisko to keep his eye on the viewscreen; he’ll never see anything like this again. “Let there be light!”

And then his shuttlepod crashes. The sun is reignited and starts burning again. The mission was a success.

Always share explosions.

Sisko turns back to Fenna, who has tears running down her face. And then she disappears.

Back at DS9, Sisko reports that Epsilon 119 continues to burn brightly and Nidell has made a complete recovery, but has no memory of Fenna’s experiences.

Nidell goes to talk to Sisko, who is loitering near the viewport where he met Fenna.


As usual, she is dressed modestly, this time in dark pink over grayish sleeves. One sleeve is longer than the other. I wonder if her culture demands modesty or she just likes this style.

He asks when she leaves. Soon. She says she wanted to say goodbye and thank you. HE asks how long she’ll stay on New Halana. The rest of her life – she’s been gone too long as it is.

She says she wishes she could remember Fenna – how she felt and what she did, but she can’t. He says it’s okay, he can remember for both of them. She asks what she was like.

He says she was just like Nidell.

Nidell seems satisfied with the response, and walks away.


Stray Thoughts:

* So, Seyetik would rather kill himself than try to make life better for his wife? And his reaction to the news that Fenna’s reappeared is “she promised this wouldn’t happen again!” rather than trying to figure out how to fix her. Knowing that her species mates for life and that women have a tendency to fall out of love with him, wouldn’t the ethical thing for him to do have been to not marry her in the first place?

* Dax’s reaction is “there’s nothing I can do.” Um, okay. That seems kind of final considering she hasn’t tried anything. Maybe call Bashir back on DS9 and ask advice?

* Do the Starfleet personnel live on the Prometheus? Did they not leave the ship while it was docked? Why were they not invited to the dinner with the DS9 senior staff?

* Way back in Season 1, Episode 7, “Dax,” an illicit extramarital affair between Curzon and the wife of a colleague is revealed, and Dax says she feels the shame of this indiscretion. In this episode, she encourages Sisko to pursue a relationship with a married woman, saying that this would not have mattered to Curzon. So, is she only ashamed when she gets caught?

* Does marriage counseling not exist in the future? Or maybe Nidell could have been set up in some house or estate while Seyetik goes off terraforming, thus basically giving her freedom while still maintaining the illusion of marriage? There have to be options other than dying to get out of an unhappy relationship, even if divorce or separation isn’t an option.