Werewolves 94: UNIT: Requiem Of The Daleks

Hello and Welcome to my first ever hosted Werewolf Game! It is me the one and the only Wasp presenting a new theme for you to murder each other silly with! This go round The Townies are all agents of The Unified Intelligence Taskforce (U.N.I.T) of Doctor Who fame while the scum all get to play as those Dastardly Devils of Destruction The Daleks! Can UNIT beat back the invasion and save the day or will The Daleks conquer the whole planet? Only you can determine the outcome! (Heavy Knowledge of Doctor Who is not necessary to play this game. Though I will be dropping shoutouts to things in my writeups)

Dramatis Personae:

17 UNIT Agents:

12 Vanilla Agents

1  Surveillance Officer (Investigator) Whoever you name in your QT (one name a night) will be revealed as Roboman or UNIT Agent

1  Medic: Protect a player from death once a night. Name your candidate in your QT

2 Osgoods: “Twins” (You share a QT. If one of you dies though the other dies too)

1 Internal Affairs Agent: Jailer: Keep a player from taking action. Put Name in your QT

5 Dalek controlled Robomen:

4 Vanilla Daleks

1 Dalek Time Controller: Wolf Roleblocker. In addition to getting a Roboman Drone, you can also see into the time vortex itself in an attempt to divine and block the actions of one Agent.

1 The Master (Serial Killer)

Oh no! As if Daleks wasn’t bad enough The Rogue Timelord known as The Master is also up to something on Earth! (Special ending if they win)

Da Rules

As always these standard Werewolfing Rules Apply:

1. Do not edit or delete posts on the daily OT, for any reason. (If you mispost a comment in a game thread and want it gone tag me in a comment and I’ll determine if you can delete or not)

2. Do not quote directly or post screenshots from your QT on the daily OT. (The Special Black Dalek of Mod Kills has no mercy)

3. Do not discuss specific gameplay with other living players outside of the daily OT or shared QTs. (Cheaters Never Win!)

4. Only votes posted directly in response to the designated vote thread are counted. (I’ve fallen victim to this before)

5. Be accommodating of different playing styles and different levels of role play (rp). Attack arguments, not people. (Be kind! -The Doctor)

The Players! (That’s you!)

  1. Maccrocodile
  2. Sister Jude
  3. Sheltie
  4. Sic
  5. Goat
  6. Lamb Dance
  7. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts
  8. Hoho
  9. Mr.Plow99
  10.  Josephus Brown
  11. LouieBB
  12. ForgetitJake
  13. Otternomike
  14. River Song
  15. Ralph
  16. April
  17. Cop On The Edge(ish)
  18. Mr.ImMyOwnGrampa
  19. Lindsay Gay Disaster
  20.  Indeeeeed
  21. Donalbain


  1. The Hayes Code
  2. Subsaharan
  3. DW