Werewolf 93: Night in the Woods Day 6

The longest night is approaching.

Following the hooded figures across the woods, you stumble upon the opening to a mineshaft.

“So…they’re down there, right?” asks Bubbles.

“Think so,” says Gregg. “Everybody grab a knife.”

You pass around the weapons and walk on in. You sense that the final battle approaches. You sense that not all of you will make it. And you sense that some of you are traitors to the cause.

A quick headcount reveals you’re one short. One fox, two possums, a cat, two smelly primates…where did the mutt go?

Mr. Peanut Butter (Lindsay) is dead. She was a Concerned Villager (Vanilla Townie).


4 Concerned Villagers (Vanilla Townies)

3 Conservative Uncles (Vanilla Wolves)


Louie Blue

Twilight is at 8 PM CST tomorrow. There will be no more new threads. All will be resolved here. Finally, for the sake of the game, I ask that all dead players restrict themselves to a single goodbye post.

This night ends when you end it.