The Weekend Politics Thread Has Resigned In Disgrace

Good news, everyone!

Theresa May has resigned!

Theresa May Meets Her Lonely End

Mrs. May’s battle is over, her exultant rivals unleashed. Unlike [censored by WPT host for GoT spoilers and yes everyone on the planet is still talking about it including us and I realize it might be too much but hey what can you do], she is not a wicked woman; but her serial stubborn stupidity is unforgivable. The legacy she leaves, the curdled, purist view of Brexit she has helped to shape, is a poisonous one. It will frame the Conservative Party’s leadership contest now. She cried as she resigned today, but the grief should be for the country she damaged, not herself.

Which is great, because she was just the worst. Well, second worst, after David Cameron.

[Yes, I’ve used that one before. It’s just too perfect.]

So now someone with the best interests of the people of the UK will become prime minister, right? Nope, sorry, the Conservative Party still runs the show, and they’re guaranteed to pick someone who you’re not gonna like. They might even pick this fool, who wants to challenge Cameron for that “most country-destroyingest PM ever” record.

Britain on the Brink of Boris Johnson and Chaos

Her most likely successor, given the extent of rabid pro-Brexit sentiment among Tories, is Boris Johnson, the unscrupulous, ramshackle, flip-flopping, dissembling former foreign secretary, whose uncertain relationship with the truth and unwavering narcissism resemble Donald Trump’s. …

With Johnson as leader, the chances would increase of a so-called “Hard Brexit” — Britain crashing out of the European Union at the new deadline of Oct. 31 without any arrangement to govern its future relationship with its neighbors.

Hopefully it doesn’t go that way, and whoever gets the job knows better than to gleefully charge into a hard Brexit face first. But I guess we’ll see, and then we’ll comment about it here in ye olde weekend PT. Please don’t threaten anyone, human, squirrel, or other. Otherwise, have at it!