Night Threads Are Golden, Then Fade Away (5/21)

“Walls (Circus)” was a song on Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ soundtrack for the forgotten movie, She’s The One. Forgotten to me, anyway. I am pretty sure that I saw the movie at some point, and literally all I remember about it is that Tom Petty provided the soundtrack. It looks like a fairly generic 90’s romance in the big city thing. Anyway, Edward Burns, Jennifer Aniston, and Maxine Bahns are in it.

They also make cameo appearances in the music video for “Walls (Circus).”

(Interestingly, Cameron Diaz is also in the movie but not in the video. My guess is they didn’t foresee her as being a big deal yet in her pre-There’s Something About Mary career.)

The video was one heavy rotation on VH-1. (Remember when VH-1 played music videos?) I think at least two versions were aired, because my favorite one had Tom Petty spiraling out of control at the end as performers circled around him.

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham provides background vocals. The video was directed by Phil Joanau, who directed several videos for U2 as well as the impressive single long-take video for Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels.”

I may have watched the movie on the merits of this video, which seems to be about a psychedelic Indian circus. A little girl presses an incredibly stoned Tom Petty, and everything goes from black-and-white and sad to hypercolor and alive. There are purple elephants, a pop-up storybook set, acrobats, crazy bright costumes, and some guy in blue paint like a Hindu deity. Also, as a fan of ladies on stilts wearing giant butterfly wings… the video delivers.

So… a bit of a disappointment that She’s The One was a little drab and forgettable. I think there were zero circuses in that movie! Why did you write a song about a circus for a movie that doesn’t have one, Tom Petty?