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The Thursday Politics Thread Grants A Pardon

Morning Politocadoes,

Dark days. Alabama’s governor signed into law one of the most restrictive bans on abortion in the country. It is a felony to give one and it is a felony to get one, and if you live in Alabama and travel to another state, you will be arrested. It does not allow for exceptions in the case of those who are underage, of rape, incest or the health of the mother. The law is expected to be made to challenge Roe v Wade in the Supreme Court. Fuck Alabama. And fuck every one of the people who prop up this garbage.

Meanwhile, Trump has pardoned Conrad Black. a billionaire media mogul who was convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice charages in 2007. He was awarded a peerage for his throwing the Telegraph and the Guardian behind Thatcher so he is, and always has been, a real piece of work. He also wrote a fawning biography of Trump last year, Trump: A President Like No Other. He also appears in Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous little black book. So you know the guy’s on the up and up.

Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts were all seen on Air Force 2. Nothing suspicious about that!

Also Bill Bar, that pompous fuck, sneered at Pelosi yesterday if she had her handcuffs with her.

Anyways, let’s hope things are better today. I know that’s a lot to expect from The Bad Place, but hey sometimes all we have is hope.

Welcome to Thursday! Please be excellent to each other! The Mayor McSquirrel Rule is in effect because we’re better than him. If you see a news item getting posted too much alert a mod so it can be pinned to the top of the thread.