Muppet Casting on Broadway: Wicked

Muppet Casting is back! Sporadically! Whenever somebody has an idea! Hooray!

For this edition of Muppet Casting, I thought we’d try a Broadway musical, since those seem well suited to adaptation by Muppets.

So, without further ado, Wicked, as played by the Muppets.

Kermit the Frog as Elphaba – That’s right, we’re gender swapping right off the bat! Central to Elphaba’s outsider status is her green color, and who but Kermit the Frog knows the difficulties of being green? Plus, combined with the next name, it subtly plays up the sexual tension Gregory Maguire implied in the novel.
Miss Piggy as Galinda – This is a no-brainer, and I will have no arguments about it. As suggested by the header image, Piggy has played the Good Witch of the North before. Her image-obsessed persona is the perfect match for Galinda, and I really want to see her perform “Popular”.
Robin as Nessarose – Ehh, this one was hard, and maybe I’m typecasting Robin as the soft-spoken disabled child after his appearance as Tiny Tim, but I’m going to stand by this one.
Fozzie Bear as Fiyero – It was either this or Gonzo for the fun-loving party boy, and I think in the end, Fozzy is the more lovable goofball who would encourage everyone to dance through life.
Gonzo the Great as Boq – Gonzo can really pull off the lovelorn sad sack look well. Boq is a Munchkin, though, so maybe this should go to a smaller Muppet.
Statler and Waldorf as Mesdames Morrible – Madame Morrible is now two characters, as is tradition when casting these two in anything. She is the Morrible Sisters now. Her songs are now duets. I can think of no one better to play the judgmental old scold than Statler and Waldorf. Alternatively, Sam the Eagle would be acceptable.
A Goat Muppet as Doctor Dillamond – Dillamond must be a goat, it’s kind of the whole point, but there aren’t a lot of recognizable goat Muppets (Clueless Morgan doesn’t have the right gravitas for this), so maybe it’s best to just make a new goat for the purpose. The thought occurred to me that perhaps the only sentient Animal with a named role should be played by Animal, but this presents the same problem as Clueless Morgan.
And Our Very Special Guest Star Frank Oz as The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – This feels right on so many levels. I initially wanted Jim Henson, but his people aren’t returning my calls. Frank Oz is, in the end, the most influential and recognizable Muppet performer still alive. Plus there’s that name. It’s perfect.

Do you disagree? Fight with me in the comments!