Non-Marvel Cinematic Universes Night Thread

So you know all about the MCU. But did you know there are other cinematic universes? OK, you knew that too, but anyways, let’s take a stroll through the strange and exciting world of shared movie realities!

Toho Kaiju Universe

1968’s Destroy All Monsters was the Avengers: Endgame of its time. Culminating 14 years of kaiju films, it brought Toho heavyweights Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan together to battle King Ghidorah, a three-headed dragon from outer space. B-level monsters from previous movies like Gorosaurus, Kumonga, and Anguirus also joined the team-up (consider them your Bucky, Rocket, and Wasp of this universe). After this, Toho continued making kaiju movies, but frankly their sell-by date was long past.

DC Extended Universe

This one is like the MCU, but for superheroes from DC comics, a competing business. Examples include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman … Firestorm … uh, Mister Terrific I guess, and possibly Animal Man or Hourman? That doesn’t sound like a real superhero. Anyway, they have movies and cartoons, and teen soap operas on the CW, I heard.

Police Academy Cinematic Universe

Remember the Police Academy movies from the 1980s? About a madcap group of police cadets whose hijinks made us laugh, and whose heroics saved the day? You might not be aware that there have been several cross-over spin-offs in different eras and with a whole new set of characters, premises, and milieux. Those include Mystic River, Rush Hour, Justified, HBO’s The Wire, the John Wick franchise, and the reality show Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta. This fact really changes your perspective on those shows and movies once you learn about it. Kind of like finding out that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air takes place in Will Smith’s afterlife.

The Outer Space Universe

Every movie with the word “star” in it takes place in the same outer space universe. Think about it. Star Wars, Star TrekThe Last Starfighter, The Fault in Our Stars, A Star Is Born. They’re all about people overcoming adversity, either directly in outer space, or on a planet that is itself in outer space. It’s like poetry; it rhymes, but also sometimes it doesn’t, because of free verse.

Night thread!