Werewolf 91: Guilty Party!


Mr. Dorian Dickens and Mrs. Olivia Dickens request the pleasure of your company at a banquet on the [DATE] of [MONTH]. During this time, the new head detective at the Dickens Detective Agency will be announced: all invited should attend to hear the news and to congratulate the new head detective with both gifts and verbal praise.

Several precautions have been taken to prevent the Shakespeare of crime, Mr. Valentine, from infiltrating the banquet and causing general havoc. This will be a safe time for most people involved, or whatever.

Please bring desserts, Olivia can’t bake for shit.

Hope to see you there!

Dorian and Olivia Dickens

this letter written by spooky because dorian can’t write i guess

Welcome to Werewolf 91, starring the 2010 Wii game Guilty Party! Don’t feel bad if you haven’t played the game, no one has. Knowledge of the game will not be necessary, except for general flavor.


You are all detectives who are close to the current head detective of The Dickens Detective Agency, The Commodore (or Dorian Dickens). Dorian is getting old, and is promoting a new head detective so he can retire. But this dinner is more than just Dorian’s excuse to eat pudding! Mr. Valentine, the Dickens’ arch nemesis and Phantom-of-the-Opera-esque villain, plans to gas everyone at the banquet with Love Gas to make them fall in love with him! Anyone who tries to stop him will be sent home!

there is no killing in this game, it’s rated e for everyone

Can the wacky members of the Dickens family plus the rest of you put a stop to that heart-shaped boy’s crimes? Or will Valentine and his lackeys smooch you before then? Find out in Werewolf 91: Guilty Party!

Roles ‘n’ Rules

There are 21 attendees. Special/unusual roles will be explained below!

  • 15 Detectives (Town)
    • 9 Vanilla Town (No powers)
      • Includes 1 inactive Serial Killer, to be activated during the game
    • Butch Johnson, the Bodyguard
    • Charlotte Dickens-Johnson, the Vigilante
    • Ling-Ling Johnson, the Investigator
    • Kid Riddle, the Spy (the better kind)
    • Pheobe Dickens, the Interrogator
    • Max Dickens, the Veteran
  • 4 Mr. Valentine’s Lackeys (Wolves)
    • Madeline Ash, the Spicy Wolf
    • Judith Prudence, the Judge
    • Ed Mission, the Recruiter
    • Morgan Harvest, the Chemist
  • 2 Neutrals
    • These people win if they fulfill their agendas, but don’t affect the town v wolf struggle
    • Thaddeus Bilge, the Butler
    • Dolly Bianca, the Terrible Nurse

Open the spoiler to see what the powers actually are!

Actual Powers!


Townies want to keep the banquet running smoothly so the next head detective can be announced. They also probably want to be the head detective.

  • Bodyguard: Can choose to “protect” one player each night. If their protection target is attacked by any killing role, this player will die instead.
  • Vigilante: Two-shot night kill.
  • Investigator: Can target one player each night, and is told if that target is a scum or non-scum player
  • Spy, but the okay kind: Can target one player each night, and is told if that player has a role or not. Neutrals who have fulfilled their agendas will read as unroled.
  • Interrogator: Can privately talk with one player each night. The two share a QT, and the Interrogator’s identity is hidden (by using a burner QT account)
  • Veteran: Can see who “visits” them (uses their role power on them) each night. Three-shot power.


Wolves have been wooed by Valentine’s sneaky ways, and were told to stop the reveal of the new head detective at all costs. But not to harm Dorian.

  • Spicy Wolf: Vanilla wolf, but they’ll read as the one who “visits” a player as a wolf kill. Will mock you for using mild sauce at Taco Bell.
  • Judge: Appears as innocent, but roled. An investigator’s nightmare.
  • Recruiter: One-shot recruitment power.
  • Chemist: Roleblocker wolf.


  • Butler: Has a certain target they want to daykill. This target will always be a townie. AGENDA: Wins when their target dies during the day. Loses if they don’t die, or die at night.
  • Terrible Nurse: Just wants to die, man. Can nightkill someone who votes for them during the day if they are daykilled. AGENDA: Wants to be daykilled, but being eaten by wolves doesn’t sound too bad.

The Perhaps Serial Killer, They Aren’t Too Sure If They’re Feeling Down For It Yet will be chosen when a town-aligned person fulfills a certain requirement.


You all know how Werewolf works, right? Kill each other, use your powers, make a few friends, hold a few grudges.

This is a somewhat complicated game, so newbies beware. I’m not saying don’t join, I’m just saying Spooky games tend to be somewhere in the Chaotic Neutral alignment, and I don’t want to scare you off.

Extra stuff:

  • Roleplaying is encouraged, and players must make at least 3 game-related comments a day.
  • Please don’t be mean to each other.
  • Role order goes: Bodyguard>Nightkills>Wolf Roles>Investigators>Veteran.
  • I reserve the right to change things slightly to make myself look less like a fool, but you’ll be notified if this happens. It probably won’t, but that’s what we said about The Room, so,


  1. forget_it_jake
  2. Sister Jude
  3. Goat (Gregg)
  4. Mayelbridwen (The Boxcar Children)
  5. The Wasp
  6. Lindsay
  7. Clodia
  8. Indy (Rock-Turning Man)
  9. Spiny Creature
  10. The Hayes Code (Detective Pikachu)
  11. lutair (L)
  12. ThoughtsThoughtsThoughts (Sammy Keyes)
  13. Mr. I’mMyOwnGrampa
  14. Josephus Brown
  15. Donalbain (Dizzy the Egg)
  16. Hoho (Hoho for hire)
  17. DW
  18. Sic Humor (Whitty Gawship)
  19. Owen1120
  20. King Ralph (Devo)
  21. Grumproro

Let’s play ball! or, uh, wolf