Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of the Night Thread? (4/27)


You ever get the feeling Lamont Cranston misunderstood it as “The Shadow Nose” and no one corrected him on his error?

The characters existed in pulps and was made famous by a radio play that starred none other than Orson Welles.  (And honestly they are quite good!  They hold up better than a lot of its contemporaries.). The Shadow got made into a movie 25 years ago when Hollywood was all like, “How can we cash in on that Tim Burton Batman money?”

Noir 40’s like setting? Check. Grim avenger of the night? Check. Handsome rich billionaire with a secret identity. CHECK.  This guy was the OG Batman!

With Alec Baldwin and a cast that includes Ian Mckellen, Peter Boyle, Tim Curry, Johnathan Winters, and Neelix, this should be a slam dunk!

It was not.  It was more, like, the Universal Dark Universe of the mid-90’s.  Trying to cash in on a hot trend pioneered by a superhero property and failing miserably.  Also likely because no one had thought of The Shadow in the last 50 years.

But lemme tell you. It’s all worth it for John Lone and Alec Baldwin having a handsome-off.




Also for the terrible mid-90’s CGI.

But dammit it is a fun movie.  Probably my favorite part is The Shadow’s network of agents, like he’s really running his own Pinkerton agency or something.  Truly one of the Shadow’s most underrated superpowers are his managerial skills.

You should watch it and uncloud your minds to the majesty of … The Shadow.


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