To Boldy Sew: Star Trek Deep Space Nine S02E03: “The Siege”

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I’m getting all these screenshots from, which is the same place as the original TNG fashion blog (

(This is a continuance of last week’s episode, The Circle, which is a continuance of the previous week’s episode, The Homecoming.)

Sisko explains to his people that Starfleet feels they should leave. He points out a few people on staff who we have never seen before who have relationships with Bajorans.


These ladies have some awesome hairdos.

Sisko says he’s going to stay (insert mutters from the staff) in order to make sure the evacuation is going smoothly. O’Brien says he is going to help with the inventory. Bashir says it’s going to take a while to pack his medical supplies. Others start to support.

Sisko says he wants to delay the takeover of the station long enough to expose the Cardassians as being behind all of this. It won’t be easy. Jaro and the Circle have told the Bajorans that they are all blood enemies. Sisko says he won’t blame anyone for evacuating now and says anyone who wants to is dismissed.

No one leaves.


Sisko says that civilians and non-Bajorans need to evacuate, and their families also. They have less than 5 hours until the assault vessels arrive.


The Promenade is bustling with people leaving.


These two blue-skinned people have some interesting outfits. I like the guy in orange; his vest, which seems to actually just be part of his shirt, has a neat patchwork design. His companion, who I suspect we’re supposed to read as female thanks to the red bag over the shoulder, has a shirt made of some interesting fabric. I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be.

Quark and Rom are watching.


Quark is wearing his dark upholstery jacket. I can’t remember what Rom was wearing the last time we saw him, but I think this is probably similar, if not the same.

Quark notes that there are only 3 tiny runabouts available and hundreds of people to evacuate. He asks Rom if he knows what that means. Rom, says that a lot of people will be left behind. “Tragic!”

Quark, of course, sees this as an opportunity for profit. People will pay anything for a seat on the runabout. Rom immediately thinks that Quark wants him to sell his seat. Quark is appalled by the suggestion. Quark says that they will both escape, but with bags filled with latinum.

Jake runs into Nog and finds out that they are on different runabouts, going to different systems.


Jake is wearing his trademark brownish-tan and purple jumpsuit. Nog has color-coordinated with a purple over purple and blue shirt and tannish pants.

Nog thinks this will all be over soon and things will be back to normal. Jake is upset because it seems like every time he finds a home and a friend, he has to leave.

Nog says that there have never been a human and Ferengi who were better friends than they are, and if their fathers couldn’t break them up, neither will some stupid French thing. (He can’t pronounce coup d’etat properly.)

Odo comes by and tells them to go where they need to go. They hug and part ways.

In the O’Brien Quarters, Keiko has finished packing.


Keiko is wearing red on red under a rather baggy sweater. It looks similar to an outfit she wore a few episodes back.


Molly has a green jumper over a bluish sweater, which is pretty adorable. I really love her braids, though. Such an adorable hairstyle.

Keiko is unhappy that her husband has decided to stay to help with the evacuation while she and Molly are leaving. She doesn’t care if the Cardassians come and take the wormhole.

She begs Miles to come along. Molly asks where they’re going and if he’s coming along. He says he’ll come as soon as he can, and offers to walk Keiko to the airlock.

In Ops, Dax is trying to get through to Bajor, but everything is jammed. Kira, back in uniform, says they’ll have to take the proof to the Chamber of Ministers.

Li Nalas points out that Jaro’s forces will be scanning for incoming vessels. Sisko says a runabout could handle them, but he doesn’t have one to give them.

Li suggests that there’s a ship on the Lunar V base. They got some sub-impulse raiders underground before the Cardassians came in, 10 years ago. Kira suggests that one of the impulse vessels drop her off on the moon. Sisko is skeptical – what if the raiders there won’t fly? She’s not concerned and says she’ll wait for word. He says she may have to wait a long time.

Sisko asks Dax if her former hosts have experience with sub-impulse thruster configurations. She says yes, Tobin Dax. Her second host, who had no sex life, but knew phase coil inverters. Sisko says that Kira might need her help with that.

Odo comes in with a protesting Quark, explaining that the Ferengi has been brokering seats on the evacuation vessels. Sisko asks where he got extra seats. Quark starts to explain with fancy words, but Sisko grabs him by the neck and demands to know.

Quark says that a few people gave up their seats here and there for a reasonable stipend.

Bashir calls to tell them that there’s a panic at the airlock. More passengers than they can handle have arrived, saying they’ve made arrangements to leave. Quark admits he may have slightly overbooked. Sisko runs off to help.

Quark tells Odo he’ll miss him. Odo says he’ll miss the aggravation, petty theft, and bad manners. Quark tells him to take care of himself and leaves.

Sisko arrives in the midst of the shouting crowd and starts shouting at them as well. He’s trying to explain that non-Bajorans need to leave first. It’s not working.

Finally, Li Nalas steps in and shouts, “Where are you running to?” They fall quiet. He says that they are Bajorans and they fought for Bajor and this is their home. How can they abandon it? The ships are for their guests who must leave because it is not safe for them. He says they should stay and solve their own problems. The crowd agrees with him and begins to break up.


Yet another instance of the lacy crocheted over sweater thing. I guess this is a style on Bajor. I don’t know what’s up with the lady to her left, though. Is that a sheer sweater?

The evacuation proceeds.

Sisko sees Jake in the hall leading to the ship. Jake thinks maybe he should stay behind with his dad – he doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Sisko gives him a letter. He says to wait a while before reading it, and he’ll see him in a few weeks.

Everyone is aboard now. Sisko uses his comm badge to tell the runabout, Ganges, to proceed with the launch. Kira answers, saying good luck.

Quark comes down the hall, dragging a heavy chest. He says that Rom is aboard the Rio Grande and has his ticket.

Bashir says that he checked the list for that ship and Quark’s name was not on it. Rom’s was, and Rom went aboard, but he was with a Dabo girl. It looks like Rom sold his seat. Quark is flabbergasted. He starts yelling for anyone to sell him a seat, but Bashir and Sisko leave, and no one else is there.

Ships dock at the station, and gray-uniformed Bajorans come onboard. One of them remarks smugly that Jaro’s prediction of no resistance was correct, and the Federation is leaving with its tail tucked between its legs.

They head to the Promenade, which is remarkably empty.


The guy on the left here is the the general. I don’t know how his weapon holster is staying in place, since it doesn’t look like he’s wearing a belt. Meanwhile his subordinate on the right is wearing a belt, as is the woman to his right and the guy in the background. Conclusion: the general is magic.

The general, who appeared in last week’s episode and is named Krim, asks where the Bajoran officers who worked with Starfleet are. Where is Li Nalas? His subordinate suggests they abandoned it with Starfleet, knowing the station could not withstand a siege. Krim notes that the station is the most strategic position in the sector, and he would not have abandoned it so easily if he were Federation commander.

They move out through the station. Li, Sisko, and O’Brien watch from above, through some grates.


Li is still wearing his ugly gray uniform, but Sisko and O’Brien are wearing civilian clothes, probably because they’re not on Official Starfleet Business.

Kira and Dax have arrived on the Lunar V base. There are lots of what look like spider webs. Kira remarks that she was living in a place similar to this a year prior. Dax complains that trills are very allergic to insect bites.


Kira is wearing her usual uniform, with a belt because she’s not a general, but Dax is in civilian clothes as well. Dark grey pants. Light blue long-sleeved shirt. Reddish-pink…vest? I think? Interesting choice. She could have gone with a jacket, or just nothing, but I guess she felt the need to layer.

She pauses to scream in alarm at the sight of what looks like a giant furry spider.

It only appears on screen for a second, but I’m impressed they went through the trouble of showing it instead of just having Dax refer to it off-screen.

Kira says it’s called a palukoo and the Bajoran moons are full of them. Dax wonders if they were pets. Kira says no, they used to eat them.

They come upon a rather battered looking ship of some kind. Dax is skeptical it is supposed to fly. Kira says she’s been in a lot worse. They open it up, pushing aside some webs. It’s cramped inside, so Dax guesses that they had short pilots. Kira says only short engineers, who built them without thinking. They squeeze inside and, after a few tries, get the doors closed.

Kira says the hard part will be to get the thrusters fired up, as it was hard enough when they were being used every day. Dax says not to worry. She opens up a panel in the back and says she has no intention of being stuck there and eating palukoos.

Back on DS9, the Bajoran invaders ride the turbolift up to Ops.


The non-generals are all wearing belts. Their boots look even stupider than they did last episode. The weapons holsters are huge. I’m still not a fan of the Bajoran uniform, especially in gray.

The lead subordinate wants to tell Jaro that their mission has been a success, but Krim tells him to hold off. He asks about the internal security net. It’s been completely disabled.

He tells the woman to scan for organic material, as the security chief is apparently missing. She’s confused. Krim says the security chief is a shape-shifter, and while it’s possible he left with the evacuation ships, he thinks there’s something else going on. He tells her to scan 6 times an hour at random intervals.

Jaro calls. The subordinate immediately steps forward to announce that they’ve encountered no resistance so far, before Krim can even speak. Jaro is pleased with the knowledge.

This guy has the sort of smug face that made me instantly dislike him.

Krim interrupts, urging caution. He says the battle for the station hasn’t even begun yet. Jaro asks if he expects the evacuees will return, and Krim says he doesn’t believe they ever left. The internal security net has been sabotaged, and they have no way of tracking the movements of anyone on board, which suggests someone doesn’t want to be easily found.

They suspect Kira, Odo, or Li Nalas are behind this. The minister agrees that Li Nalas would not have abandoned Bajor, and commands the general to make sure he stays alive, as dead he’d be a martyr but alive he’ll seal their victory.

The minister ends the call, and Vedek Winn is there also.


Jaro was apparently making the call from a dark triangle, but there are couches behind him for Winn to hang out in, and a big glowing blue ball on the wall, maybe to symbolize The Circle?

Winn says that Li will see the wisdom of giving Jaro his support, and the Minister says he’ll offer anything except the next Kai to get him on their side. Winn flatters him, saying he has a unique ability to build a consensus, and Bajor has been waiting for a leader like him.

Jaro amends this to “leaders like us,” indicating that she’s skeptical the Vedek assembly will elect her as Kai. He says he will make it happen 26 hours after his inauguration, and they will rebuild Bajor together. She smiles, so I guess she’s happy.

Back on the moon, Kira and Dax are struggling to get the ship to work. Smoke is pouring out of the panel Dax is working on and the whole thing is shaking. She says not to turn the engines off or they won’t get them started. Kira is ready to leave.

Dax wonders how they managed to win freedom with these ships. Kira is feeling nostalgic for the sound. She says they were the insects and the Cardassians were just as allergic as Trills.

Krim is discussing the situation with his subordinate in the office previously occupied by Sisko. The subordinate wants to know why Krim is waiting for the hidden people he claims have not left to attack, if he’s so certain they have not left. Krim says they have no interest in attacking.

He says he understands military tactics. They are vastly outnumbered. Before he can explain further, the lights go out. A Bajoran woman comes in and says the primary sensor array has been sabotaged. As soon as they tested it, the sub-net shorted out.

The subordinate guy says he’s sending out search parties.


Hidden in some upper tubes, O’Brien passes out some food, saying that the replicators will crash in 16 minutes. Sisko asks if he couldn’t have replicated something better than combat rations, like French onion soup.

O’Brien waxes poetic about combat rations, and how they have a time-release system to give all the nutrients you need over three days. He loves them. Li Nalas is making a face that indicates he is not in agreement.

Sisko uses his comm badge to tell everyone that it’s O’Brien’s fault they are eating these rations.

In another tube, Bashir says Chief hasn’t made any friends, or should he say “chef”. Chief says he would have thought the doctor would appreciate the nutritional value. Bashir says he designed a candy bar in med school that was far superior.


Bashir’s non-uniform outfit consists of purplish? pants (it’s hard to tell in the dim light of the tube), a light blue turtleneck, and a darker blue (purplish?) jacket. It’s not the worst outfit in the world. I’m not a fan of his pants tucked into his boots, though, and that doesn’t seem to be the best place to store his weapon.

Beside him, another guy is wearing a yellow jacket.

Quark who is with Bashir, asks if he’s the only one who doesn’t think this is funny.

Odo calls then to say that there is a patrol approaching and he’ll get back to them in a minute.

In the hall, a group of Bajorans walk through with flashlights. Odo watches them go, appearing out of the wall, and reports that a 5 man unit is about to begin a search of the cargo deck.

This might be the most interesting use of Odo’s abilities yet!

Bashir notes that this will put the patrol nearest to him. Sisko says to stand by.

Chief wonders if they should send someone with more experience, like Li. Sisko says no, Li needs to stay with them. He tells Bashir to move his unit to Cargo Bay 6. He says use deadly force only if necessary. Bashir and another guy crawl out of the tube.


In the cargo bay, the Bajorans are scanning, searching, and using flashlights. One of them moves near to a barrel.

Bashir, from above, warns them not to get too close to that, as it’s thorium isotope. He kicks out a panel. Another guy pops out of a wall panel, and a woman and a man appear from some barrels.


The jumpsuit look is not working for this guy. His outfit looks even more like upholstery than anything Quark wears, and the style is not something I’ve ever seen anyone over the age of three or so pull off successfully.

Bashir says that exposure to thorium isotope could have unintended consequences. The Bajorans drop their weapons. Bashir calls Sisko to tell him “Mission Accomplished.”


We don’t really get a good look at Sisko’s outfit. Red shirt under maroon (?) jacket. The lighting isn’t good in the conduits. I wonder if they made a conscious choice to put him in red so people would remember that he was the commander and normally wears a red uniform.

Dax and Kira are flying in their modified raiding ship. Kira prepares to establish a high altitude orbit over Bajor, but Dax says the navigational sensors aren’t working. Kira says this is no problem. Dax is concerned, but Kira thinks it’ll be fine. She says Starfleet is too dependent on gizmos and gadgets and they have lost their natural instincts for survival. Dax points out that her natural instincts for survival told her not to climb aboard the rickety vessel, so she thinks they’re working fine. Kira thinks they can land anyway.

There are some explosions. Dax doesn’t know what they are because none of the sensors are working, but Kira figures out that someone is shooting at them. She takes evasive maneuvers. Through the tiny window they can see the ships attacking and conclude that Jaro has sent a welcoming committee.

Dax points out that they will not be able to outrun them. Kira says they’ll even the match. How? Dax asks. Kira says she’s making a new playing field by taking them down into the atmosphere where the attackers won’t be able to use impulse engines.

On DS9, things are still dark. O’Brien and Li are messing with some computers when they are shot at by the Bajorans. They move behind a desk and start shooting back.


We don’t get a good look at O’Brien’s outfit, but it’s basically the same one he wore two episodes ago to help Kira rescue Li Nalas from the labor camp.

O’Brien calls Sisko for help, saying they are pinned down. A moment later, Sisko and some others come out of an airlock and shoot at the Bajorans. One of them takes a small ball, pushes some buttons on it, and rolls it down the corridor. It begins to release a green smoke, providing cover for O’Brien and Li, who run away.

Odo sees that some Bajorans are coming after them so he morphs into a stick? String?


This trips the Bajorans before they can catch O’Brien and Li.


Back in the Bajoran atmosphere, Kira and Dax are flying and being shot at by their pursuers. Kira notes that the others have gone down to the thrusters to even things a bit. Dax points out they are still outnumbered. Kira notes that the guys flying the ships they are running from used to fly the ship they are attempting to pilot.

Dax says that the phaser banks are at full power, but there’s no way to aim. Then she stops herself and says, yes, she knows, “seat of her pants.” Kira says to use her eyes, not her pants. Just point and fire.

Dax agrees. “You fly, I’ll shoot.” I’m not sure how she manages given that the window is so small, but she shoots one of the ships down.


The other ship shoots them. It seems they hit a plasma conduit. Dax looks for fire gear and tries to spray behind her, but only a little liquid comes out and it’s not nearly enough. She says to jettison the plasma tank, since thrusters aren’t working anyway, so Kira does so.

Kira says to look for a place they can put down. There’s one 6 kilometers away, but they need something closer. How much closer? Right now.

They put their hands over their heads to brace for impact.


On DS9, Bajorans are looking around in the dark. They’re in Quark’s now. One of them calls out to the lead subordinate guy and says that one of the holosuites is in use. They all go up to see.

They open the door and find Sisko, Li, and O’Brien sitting and standing around a table.


I immediately knew this was a trick because Sisko and O’Brien are wearing uniforms, but I wonder how many initial viewers, not focusing on clothing, figured it out.

The Bajorans go to take their weapons, but then the door shuts behind them and Li, Sisko, and O’Brien vanish – they were only holograms. The Bajorans try to open the door again, but then Sisko comes on the communicator.

He identifies himself and tells them to listen carefully. He tells them the Cardassians are supplying the weapons via the Kressari. The lead guy tells them it’s a lie. Sisko says the evidence is on its way to Bajor, and the coup will be over when the evidence is presented.

He says they don’t want to fight them or hurt anyone. Their officers will be their guests for a bit, and he hopes they won’t mind combat rations.

The lead officer is then transported back to Ops, where Krim addresses him as “Day.” Day tells them he was taken prisoner and Sisko spoke to him and the Federation is behind it all. Krim asks what Sisko says. Day says nothing of consequence, and that he was let go because he promised to give them amnesty, a promise he has no intention of keeping.

A woman says that the security net is online, but they can’t detect the communication devices that Starfleet uses, so they must be in a shielded location. Day says that the Cardassians used a specific metal to shield the conduits. Krim concludes that is where Sisko is.

On Bajor, Dax and Kira move through the jungle. Kira is injured, so she tells Dax to leave her and bring the evidence to the Ministers.


Dax thinks it would be more meaningful coming from Kira. Kira says the evidence speaks for itself and orders her to leave. Dax points out that since the Federation left Bajor, Kira is no longer her commanding officer.

Kira says she can’t walk. Dax disagrees. They move through the jungle as a Bajoran patrol walks past looking through them. Then Kira passes out.

On DS9, Odo calls Sisko to report that they’re going to fill the conduits with gas, starting with level 5. Chief says it’s a good idea, the sort of thing he would have come up with.

Sisko is concerned they haven’t heard from Kira and Dax. If they didn’t make it, Chief remarks, they’re fighting for a lost cause. Sisko says they still have an ace in the hole, Li.

Sisko tells O’Brien to prepare units to move out. He tells Li that Jaro’s plan depends on military support – without it, the coup fails. Li asks if Sisko thinks he can sway the generals. Sisko says there’s only one general he’s worried about, the one who’s there, and they need to convince him that he’s picked the wrong side.

Li says he’d die for his people, but… Sisko says sure, dying gets you off the hook. But will you live for your people?

Kira wakes up in a bed. She’s at the monastery with Bareil, who says the whole city saw them go down and his order sent searchers out to find them. Dax is changing clothes.

Kira tries to get up and falls into Bareil. He tells her to be careful as she just had a broken hip mended. She asks how long she’s been there – 6 hours.

Cue some awkward staring into eyes as they attempt to find some romantic chemistry and fail.

Dax appears wearing religious clothing, and puts some on Kira.


This is the outfit she was wearing in Kira’s vision in the previous episode. The hat, like Winn’s, is inspired by the Sydney Opera House.

This is the only way they can get into the Chamber of Ministers, she says. Bareil says members of religious orders are the only ones who can safely walk the streets; he’s going to escort them. Kira disapproves of this, saying she can’t be responsible for his safety. He says he can be responsible for hers. She protests but has no choice.

Dax asks Kira what she thinks of her prosthetic nose and says she’s thinking of keeping it.

On DS9, Bashir urges Quark to leave behind his luggage, which is heavy. Quark says he can’t as it’s full of personal mementos and family albums. Bashir sees through this, knowing it’s really full of gold-pressed latinum. Quark is surprised he knows and asks who told him. Bashir says “Your mother did, the day you were born.”

Quark is insulted. He quotes Rule of Acquistion Number 31, “never make fun of a Ferengi’s mother.”

Sisko calls asking for their status. Bashir says they’re in position at Airlock 14. Sisko says to make as much noise as they can before they get captured. He says they’ll make them think there are 200 of them instead of 20.

In Ops, the female Bajoran officer reports that the enemy is attacking their position at Airlock 14. Krim is astonished. Day thinks they have flushed them out. He orders all airlocks sealed and docking clamps clamped, then orders all security units to Airlock 14.

Krim wants to know what’s going on there, but the woman says the surveillance cameras have ben sabotaged. Krim asks how many men are stationed near there. Four.

Security calls to say that the forces at the airlock have surrendered and they’ve taken prisoners. Krim says to bring their leaders to him for questioning. He seems thoughtful.

The general goes back into the office where O’Brien, Sisko, Odo, and Li are waiting for him. They say they don’t want to use deadly force. Li introduces himself.

On Bajor, Kira, Dax, and Bareil have come to the Chamber of Ministers.

It’s smaller than I expected.

The room has an interesting shape. The purple detailing and the triangle shape remind me a bit of a church.

Kira removes her religious clothing and introduces herself, saying she’s come with proof that the Cardassians are behind Jaro’s attempt to take control of the government. Jaro says that Kira has been an opponent of the government and now of himself. He’s honored to be included but has no intention of letting her disrupt the orderly transition of power.


Jaro is boring, but his assistant (she was briefly in the last episode, I think) is rocking a purple power suit, and I love her hairdo. Too bad she’s stuck working for a megalomaniac.

Kira holds out the manifest pad from the Kressari vessel and explains that it has the thumbprint of a Cardassian Gul who transferred weapons on to that ship. The weapons were then taken to the Circle. The coup will return Bajor to the hands of its greatest enemies.

Jaro says there is nothing to these baseless accusations. Winn stands up, surprised, and says he should have no objection to an inspection of the manifest. He says no and calls for them to adjourn. He then says he supports the investigation and intends to cooperate. The room fills with talking.

In Ops, Day appears with Bashir and Quark. Krim says that he deliberately withheld information that was to be communicated to him. Day is astonished. He says they are lies.

Krim says that the Chamber is in recess while evidence of Cardassian involvement is being examined. Li Nalas is there. Sisko says that the Circle is broken. General Krim says that he’s returning to the surface and expects that he’ll be asked to resign.

He then turns to Sisko and says that since the Provisional Government has prevailed, he believes it appropriate to return the command of the station to Starfleet. He turns to Li Nalas and says “Well fought, sir,” then turns to leave.

Day is upset. He says, “No,” and then draws his weapon to fire. Li Nalas sees this happening and jumps on to him, bearing the brunt of the attack. Odo pulls the weapon from Day’s hand and drags him away. Bashir runs up with his tricorder.

Li says, “Off the hook after all,” and then dies.

Back at DS9, Kira mourns Li’s death. She says she felt that since he was there, she thought he could do better. She also wishes she knew where they could find others like him. Sisko says there are heroes all over Bajor and he’s sitting with one.

Kira says she doesn’t feel like celebrating tonight and excuses herself.

O’Brien asks about Li and says that Kira made him sound like he was larger than life, or a military genius. But… Sisko says that he was the hero of the Bajoran resistance, and that’s how the history books on Bajor will be written and that’s how he’ll remember him if anybody asks.

Dax calls to say that the Ganges has just docked at Pad C. Chief excuses himself and runs off to meet up with his wife and kid, while Jake reunites with his dad.

All around them, people are reuniting, including this lady in a pink dress carrying an hourglass-shaped bag and a few Bajoran women wearing layers of red lacy crochet.


Stray Thoughts

 * Not sure if I should apologize for the number of photos in this post or not. There were a lot.

* I really enjoyed seeing some of the characters in their off-duty roles. Dax really got to show some personality in a way that she hasn’t before. And Bashir got to be something of a hero for a bit. I wish some of the non-starring cast (the Starfleet extras we see at the beginning, for example) had gotten some speaking parts, but oh well.

* I had a feeling that Li Nalas was either going to die or get shipped back to Bajor for some other more meaningful role there. I’m kind of sad how quickly his death goes by, and how it’s tacked on at the end of an episode in which basically no one else is even slightly injured aside from Kira.

* Also, this is the first time we’ve seen most of the main characters in non-uniform clothes! Dax, Sisko, and Bashir have never worn anything other than uniforms, even on their off-duty hours on the station. I was beginning to wonder if they owned anything else. And I guess it’s still possible that they replicated these clothes just as the Bajorans were coming to take over.

* Winn changed sides at the end, as I expected. Was she ever really on Jaro’s side? Is she ever on anyone’s side but her own?

* So the Bajorans supposedly stayed behind while the non-Bajorans and Starfleet evacuated, right? So why do the Bajoran military officials find the Promenade and everything so empty? Also, shouldn’t Starfleet equip its people with more than two or three runabouts in case there’s a need to evacuate an entire station which obviously houses more than can fit in a few runabouts?